Introducing myself at ESL001


My name is Abdelaziz
I’m Algerian and I speak arabic and french


hello everyone
my name is Sara and I am 21 years old
I am from Algeria so I am Algerian
I study history at university
I can speak Arabic French and English


Good evening All,
My name is Sharon. I am from India. I can speak Hindi and English. I want to improve my writing and I am taking classes at college.


hello could you tell me where can i introduce mysilfe?


Hello- Go to this link to introduce yourself:


Hello everyone,
My name is Raoely. I am from Madagascar and i can speak french and a little english.


My name is Rania, I’m from Algeria, I’m Algerian, I’m twenty years old, I can speak both Arabic and English


my name is Agi. i.m from mongolia. Please tell me, where i need to write my introduction0


My name is Mustafa Dhaiban
I am from yemen
I am 23 years old
I can speak arbic and english


Hello My name is Ayoub, I’m Moroccan.


Hey may name is Seifeddine senouci, I’m Algerian I speak three languages (Arabic, French and English) .


hello, my name is zakaria i m from morocco and i speak arabic


My name is hassiba , Im from Algeria ,I speak three languages french,turkish,a litlle english and of corse arabic .


hello , i am khaled , 27 years old and i am an algerian . i speak arabic , french and english


my name is Michelle, I am 23 years old and I am Filipino, I speak a little English


Hi my name is mariam I have twenty two years I’m Moroccan and I speak Arabic French and English too but I need to practice it more and more


My name is zakarya
I am algerien
I speak Arabic and little English


My name is Karan.My nationality is Indian.I can speak fluently in English, Hindi and Gujarati.


My name is kaoutar l’m from morrocco i’m student in a institute i speak arabic and french a little bit of english


hi ikram am youssef from morocco we can get to learn this language 2gether if u want that