Introducing myself to you SEPHORA

Hello Precious Family
My name is GBOKHOU Georgette France and I have been given a third first name at my church which is Sephora.
My nationality is Ivorian because I come from Côte d’Ivoire, a country in the west of Afrika.
I speak French and a little English.



My name is Oyinkansola Awoselu and I reside in Lagos, Nigeria. Nigeria is a country is West Africa.

I speak English language, Yoruba and a little French.


My name is Juliette I am originally from Panama, and I have been living in Brunswick MD, USA for the past 20 years. I speak Spanish and English, and I am looking to learn English in a most professional way.

Best luck to all of you my fellow students!


Hi, my name is Amit Kumar ,I am an INDIAN .i am living in Lucknow city of Uttar Pradesh . I speak Hindi and English . I have interest to learn English .

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Hi beloved brother,

I am very grateful to GOD to have you as a correspondent. Thank you very much and have an excellent and blessed day!

Hello Precious Sister,

This is a real pleasure for me to talk with you this morning given to us by The Mighty and powerful GOD.

Thank you for your message and I wish you an Excellent and blessed day!

Shalom Precious Brother,
Thank you very much for your message. I am very pleased to receive it. Be blessed and take care!

Hi Juliette,
I am glad to see your message. Your english seems quite nice. Are your english in advanced level? Does your profession require english? Please let me know. Thanks. Take care.

Hi everybody,

My name is Soumeya. I’m algerian and would like to improve my english. Any help will be welcome
Thank you very much

Hi, my full name is Md. Safikul Islam and short name Safik. I’m called Safik by the well wishers. I’m Bangladeshi. I can speak Bangla and a little bit English.

Teacher Jeremy is here. I’m from the Philippines. I am currently teaching English to a government Secondary School abroad. It’s been my four years of teaching here.

Hello, This is Dianne I’m from the Philippines also. Currently studying and at the same time working.

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Hello, Iam sremathi, from India… I live in tamilnadu, I speak tamil, english.

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Hi! I’m Hina Khan.I’m 20 year old. I’m from Pakistan. I’m doing Mass Communication.
I want to speak fluent English.

I am Fola Adedeji. A Nigerian and teacher of English.

Hi SIPHORA , I’m Nadjet , I’m an Algerian high school teacher.

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My name is Gloria. I live in Lagos south west part of Nigeria. Nigeria Is a country that is West Africa. I speak English and igbo.

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Hello, dear SEPHORA
My name is Kuralay (am.Caroline). My nationality is Kazakh and I live in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
I’m a teacher.
Nice to meet you.

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Hello, nice to meet you SEPHORA. I’am Ellias from west Africa. I’m fluent in french and speak a little english.


.hi im omar