Introduction (say hello)

hello i believe that i am the first one to start this thread.
hi I’m Nadine and i started my first political science ever on Saylor academy and so far i am enjoying it. this will/may help in my GED social science exams when i have finished this course and American history as well. i am so doing the math foundation world math and algebra and college algebra, i have hopes in doing well in my GED and obtaining the credits i would need for college entry (amongst those courses i have mentioned, i have been doing other as well such as pre-college English and computer science 1, when i do the English composition i would know what needs to done. and I’m also doing other courses from here as well :):smile: and i am proud of the courses i have challenged myself.

thanks to the Saylor academy for creating such an awesome and useful learning site.


Hi Nadine!
You are the reason we are here, your progress is fantastic and encourages us greatly.

Thank YOU!


That’s sounds great. We can tell motivation is way up. Where are you planning to transfer your credits?

yes when the time is right. i have a university in mind that uses Saylor academy for their entry-level courses such as college algebra and many others as well. once thing i can tell you, that time will come sooner or later, i am using Saylor academy’s real-world math foundation level to help me with my ged and use parts of the history courses as well from there sister site as well as this one. i use other websites as well but i use saylor more as they more course structure and forums like this one

That’s awesome, Nadine!

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Great. Your post is highly important and encouraging. My name is Yahya bulle. I’m a Kenyan citizen and currently living in Nairobi Kenya.

Hello I am Ahmed from Iraq I am glad because I am here

everything is on you, just do what you want to do and also believe in your self.