Introduction to Sociology 2e


Hi. I’m having trouble maneuvering in the link provided for this course so did some hunting online and found this:

Is this the correct textbook for the SOS101 course? (It seems like the site I found it on is another version of the site linked to in the course syllabus.)

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Yes, that is the same textbook and edition that we use, and the same text that is found in HTML (rather than PDF) here:


Thanks Sean! :slight_smile:


Hi. I just wanted to stop in and share something. My apologies if anyone finds this to be TMI, but I’m quite excited and want to share. Also, I think my story might be helpful to anyone else in a similar situation.

Nathan may or may not recall, but last year when I tried to take a history course, I discovered that reading too much text online, and trying to watch or listen to long video or audio lectures was physically too painful for me due to damage caused by my MS.

After several months, I gave up on trying to take any online courses from any site. As I have neither the funds or the health to take in-person or paper-based correspondence courses, I was feeling pretty demoralized. But then last week I had a Eureka! moment.

Printing the large Creative Commons textbooks on my home printer would cost as much or more in ink than the average print to order copies that Amazon Canada orders. Seriously, the Sociology book for Americans, is under $30 USD. The Canadian version is $70 CAD. Factor in that our dollar is worth much less than the US dollar, and you can see the problem for those of us on low, fixed incomes.

My epiphany was so simple I kicked myself for not thinking of it sooner… I called a local office supply store with printing services and they were able to print the nearly 600 page Introduction to Sociology v.2e, and 3 hole punch it so I can put it in a binder, for $28.00 CAN, including taxes! Yay! I’ll be picking it up on Tuesday and can finally start one of the many courses I’ve always wanted to take. Even better, now I know that I can go on to take others.

And I owe it all to you wonderful folks at Saylor Academy, free Creative Commons licenses, the OpenStax College and everyone else involved in the open education movement!

But the folks at Saylor have my special thanks. This was the first mostly text-based site offering free courses that has been so kind, and so patient, answering my many question and working hard to accomodate my medical limitations. I can’t begin to describe how much that means to me.

So again, thank you Saylor team. You are amazing!


This is really gratifying to read. On behalf of our team, you are welcome. But you have our thanks, as well.

I hope that your venture into sociology proves fruitful! Do you know what’s next on your list?


I imagine I’ll be plugging along with this course for some time to come. Being a massive bookworm with an interest in wtiting, I’m also interested in pursuing the English Composition courses you offer.

I do have another question about the OpenStax Sociology textbook that I’m hoping you can help me with. Do answer keys for the end of chapter multiple choice questions exist, and if so, do you know where I can find them?


I did not previously know the answer to this question, but I do now! It looks like, for the PDF version of the textbook, the answers for the multiple choice chapter quiz questions are printed upside down at the bottom of the last page or two of the chapter.

So, for Chapter 1 questions, the answers show up at the bottom of page 27 (page 28 is blank and page 29 starts chapter 2).

I did not see any note in the book indicating where to look for the answers, so I guess it’s an easter egg!

I do not see answers for short-answer questions and the HTML version of the book at has a smaller selection of questions available but likewise provides answers only for the multiple choice.


Ah, thank you! :smiley:

I did contact the support staff on the CNX site and learned that if working on the quizzes, you need to be logged onto their site and the using relevent textbook for all answers to be shown, as well as marking your score and progress, of course. But I’d still like to print and save the answers in my binder for later, easy reference.



Thanks for the update – that’s good to know! We like to not force students to need to log in anywhere, but I think that CK-12 is a free login and obviously there are nice advantages for those who pick up an account.


Yes, it’s completely free. The only cost incurred was what I paid a local office supply store to print the textbook for me and even that was a 1/3 of the cost buying a printed copy from their authorized retailers in Amazon and E-Bay. At 509 pages, it would’ve cost me twice what I paid just for the ink needed to print it at home.

Even accounting for the average difference in the worth of our respective dollars, median wages and national economy strengths, etc., most good are more expensive to purchase and ship to Canada than they are for Americans to buy from here and ship to them. That’s even if the retailer even does ship here, I mean. Quite a number don’t, mostly due, I think, to tight regulations, endless red tape, and lack of tax loopholes for any but the wealthiest companies. (Though at least we don’t have VAT taxes.)

Oh, but if you have some pocket change, have the backing of a big business name, come quick before the fall election in my province, when we can finally boot the ruling party and their crooked leader, to the curb. For modesty’s sake I won’t name my province, the party name or the name of their Top Croo…er, respected leader. In keeping with my total cough…lack of…cough respect for her, I shall cleverly refer to her as The West’s Most Wicked Thief or TWMWT, for the purpose of this discussion.

C’mon, you gotta make a deal with her quick like, while she still holds the keys to the kingdom!

TWMWT is so generous to foreign big business, that she actually gives them our natural resources. Given her record, if such a business were also anti-union and anti K-12 public education, she might even offer up some taxpayer funds to help them haul away whatever it is she just gave them! Just make sure there’s a flattering photo-op in it for Queen Thief, and she’s good to go!

Hmm, I do hope I’ve been discrete enough. Why I’d be mortified, absolutely scarlet with embarrassment, should anyone see through my clever ruse…

Sorry, Sean. One thought led to another and I just couldn’t stop myself. I promise to behave now. :grin:


Well, I’m just glad everything worked out!