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The world is a discussion in progress. Come along!

Use this thread to introduce yourself to the Saylor Academy community and tell everyone a bit about yourself.


Hi there!

My name is Nicole, I’m a 27 year-old English grad student in Boston. I just started winter break and love the changes I’ve seen so far!



Hi @bostongross (AKA Nicole)! You are the first non-staff person here. It is possible…just possible…that email invites to these prototype forums were sent out, early, inadvertently. Regardless, you are here and you are most welcome. We will open these up for beta soon and officially invite folks to join in.

Until then, things will be a bit quiet. To fill the void, and in honor of your being the first to arrive (with enthusiasm!), you win this badge – wholly unique in the world, as far as I know.


Hey! I’m Bethany and I’m 16 years old. This new discussion forum is really cool!!!


Hi Bethany! Thanks for trying this out – and for being bold and leaving a post!

I suppose I should introduce myself to the world, too – I’m Sean, on the staff at Saylor for a bit over four years now. My bio statement thing is here:

But I should add that I love learning of all sorts, which maybe stands to reason given where I work.


Sean et al – My name is Scott and I’m new to both Saylor and Discourse. But I can already say that Discourse is big improvement to the usual forum software. I’m posting here rather than starting a new thread because you are still in Beta with this platform, and I am sure you don’t want to clutter this new clean room ;). But if you (Sean) prefer to respond in a new thread, please feel free to do so.

So, here is my question – I’ve come across Saylor accidentally. I’ve used other MOOCs. I’ve signed up for a chemistry class on Saylor, but don’t want to get started if the content is not being maintained. Doesn’t seem to be much activity on the old forums – how can I find out if there are any active learners in a particular category or particular course? Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Scott, thanks for trying this version out this version of the forums…welcome here and welcome to Saylor!

I will respond to your question as a linked topic, which should show up as a link just at the top right of your post.

I also note that, on my end at least, emoji are showing up as broken images links, sadly…we’ll have to track that down. And we’re back!


Hello all! Thanks to everyone for helping us test the new discourse platform. Keep the feedback coming!

I wanted to quickly introduce myself as well. I have worked at Saylor for 3 1/2 years and work to create various partnerships like those related to college credit and getting further recognition in the market for our credentials.

I look forward to dropping in to cheer you along on your studies! - Jeff Davidson


Hello all, I’m Scott, still pretty new to this whole MOOC thing, taking it one day at a time. I am wondering if there are more people taking ME101 right now, there seems to be a bit of discussions suggested in the ethics section, and its much easier to discuss with more than just myself! Thanks!


Hey, us too! :wink:

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HI all! 47-year-old freelance writer here. I’m impressed by the quality of material I’ve seen on the site thus far and have enjoyed the material I’ve encountered in HIST104. Looking forward to finding other students in history courses. Thanks for this great site, Saylor staff! :smiley:


Hi everyone! Another Boston gal here, electrical engineering background. Interested in the mech eng & comp sci courses here. I love MOOCs in general. I like the way Saylor is gathering them into complete courses of study.


Hi everyone. I’m 47 years old and from Spain.
A few weeks ago I discovered and then try to start K12MATH006 course.
My English level is poor and have past a lot of years since I studied maths at school, so I thought it was a challenger to try this course. Well, I’m not going as fast as I would like, but step by step, here I am (15 mins to write this :blush: ) .

I’m new with discosure too, but I think it’s a good improvement than current forum. Congratulations for initiate this change.

Grettings to all.



I’m 28, I’m a web programmer with 10 years of extensive experience. However I lack any education. Saylor is the best since I prefer text over video.
I really hope Saylor develops some way to track users’ progress, and allow opening website at last location. This feature is ever so compelling to me, I’m sure I’m not alone.

Anyway, I started CS from scratch here, now I’m on CS102 unit 3. My first goal is completing CS302 - Software Engineering with all its prerequisites. Then completing minor. Then hopefully major in CS.

I treat Saylor very seriously as if it would be a real university. I learn the stuff through and reread over and do external research if anything isn’t clear.

I really love Saylor!


My name is magdalena Soul I just started Saylor University last year. I have recently graduated from city college of San Francisco with an A.S. in Computer technology. For twenty years I wanted to pursue my Bachelors Degree but I have have a hard time finding a university that would suit my needs. Thank god you do. My goal is to complete the computer science degree program, put it on my resume in addition to take my a.a. degree. I am so grateful for this university. I accidently ran into this university online.


Hi all

I’ve been a student here on Saylor for about two years and have completed a fair few courses (around 40 to date). I came here looking for Computer Science courses but got diverted into Psychology, among other things.

As you can probably guess from my photo, it’s a few years since I left school but I enjoy learning far more now than I did in my younger days. I worked for many years in radio engineering, followed by spells running completely unrelated businesses, working as a financial advisor and teaching in High School. I have a degree in Electronics and Computing and postgraduate qualifications in teaching and educational research.

Despite my shy and retiring nature in ‘real life’ I tend to be drawn into online discussions rather freely and those who have used the existing (ie ‘old’) forums on Saylor may well have come across my posts. I can also be found on edX, Coursera and Open2Study with alarming regularity.

I’ve been married for 16 years and have a five year old son.


Thank goodness for such accidents – we will need to engineer more of them. By which I mean we will need to work on supporting both word of mouth and general Web discovery…still plenty to do in that regard.

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Dear sean:

I am still interested in outreach in san francisco bay area let me know what i can do.l

dear sean:
thanks for the tip. i did follow up on what you mentioned for outreach.

Hi all,

I am Minh and I am new student in Saylor. I am enrolling in Economics. Just want to say Hello to everybody.