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Howdy!!! My name is Elizabeth and I am new. So far I like the setup and I think its cool.


@barrels_17 Welcome Elizabeth!

My prior exposure to art has been through knowing artists, visiting galleries (In France, Italy, New Zealand and Australia, mainly), buying books about art collections, reading about collectors and individual artists, buying art prints, taking photographs of scenes I would like to frame or remember - but I have never painted, or drawn anything - or been creative in any way whatsoever. Sometimes I’ve thought of landscape painting as a remote possibility, but that is all. However I find ‘art’ and artists a most fascinating subject.

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Welcome to Saylor Academy, @Virgilia! It seems like you are raring to go on our Art Appreciation and Techniques course! You might find an ongoing discussion of your fellow students’ first exposure to art at this thread. Have fun!

Hello everyone. I’m here from PLA-100, which I’m taking in order to earn college credit for my specialties. I’m a jill of all trades, currently running a childcare after business consulting, fashion design, web development, and various other passions. I’ve taken a few online classes at a local community college, and I’m 3 credits away from my associates degree, which I figure will be easier to get at TESC than at my local college that requires a lab science and is unavailable after normal working hours. I’m expecting to learn how to put together a portfolio.



Nice to have an avowed PLA’er and TESC’er here – welcome!

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Hi, I’m 28 years old in Botswana, I work as a shop assistant and helping my customers with a smile :smile:

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My name is Prince Hammond, i am new here. i’m happy to be among scholars. i hope i’m welcome. I love you all


@NW1 and I hope your customers appreciate it! Sometimes, just one good smile can make a huge difference for someone’s day.

But of course you are welcome, @CityPrinz ! The thoughtful and the curious are almost always pleasant people to be around – I hope you find this to be true.

Welcome, both!

This is magdalena Soul again. Moving forward to saylor feel free to chat with me anytime.

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My name is Kevin. I’m just here getting prepared for the Mechanical Engineering program I’m starting in January. I haven’t taken Physics or Chemistry in 20 years, so I’m just brushing up. It’s great to find a free program that allows me to do this.


Hi, I am amazed buy the information available thru this website…thank you so much!!! so much to learn. I am a breast cancer survivor and always wanted to continue my studies, however its been very difficult. I am looking forward to using the tools available in this website. seems overwhelming, but I want to learn.


@txsrangers & @lola45 – welcome both!

Completely understandable! As the saying goes, “everything is difficult until it is easy”. Or to use another saying, “you do you” – choose a comfortable pace and take what you need from here, leave aside what doesn’t work for another day.

That’s where I’m at. As a staffer here, TBH, taking a course isn’t the first thing I want to do when I get home, but I’ve taken a few, and physics and chemistry are on a long waiting list!

Hello everyone, I have just enrolled in Psyh 101. This should be an interesting journey.
Just checking in!


Good day, My name is Michael, from Valenzuela, Philippines.


Welcome @jmt & @Michael_Carmen!

Hi everyone!
I have just started and am looking forward to improving my knowledge and skills in a whole host of different areas.


Nice nickname! There really is too much to learn…no time for sleep.

Welcome, and please feel at home asking questions, sharing feedback, and what-have-you!

Hi team,

I’m Raj Sheth(30 years) from Mumbai, India, an aspiring writer. First of all, thank you so much for putting an effort to develop all these courses. In each of them I’ve found something new and inspiring.

With high regards

Raj S.


Hi Raj, I’m so glad! Welcome, and I hope we will have the pleasure of some of your writing here in these forums as you hone your craft!