Good Day, everyone!.
I’m Raj. 47, married with 3 children. I’m studying philosophy with inclinations towards environmental protection. I just enjoy the fact that Saylor has provided a unique opportunity.


Hi Tania, I am Hassan from Kenya.


My Names are Aliyu Kolawole, am a very gentle guy, cool, calm,
God fearing being and always ready to learn.
Am a Nigerian.
Am a student of Saylor Academy Studying Business Administration.
Although this is my very first time here…


Hi Guys,

I am Mouse. I’m 21 years old. I am from Somalia. I study Medicial School in Amoud University.


Hello my name is Alan and i am a 55yo British male who lives in gods own area of South Yorkshire. I have recently started to paint and decided i wanted to learn more about art.


Welcome, all!

@icefox55 , if you should encounter problems watching some of the Art:21 videos (blocked in the UK), there are some very good suggestions for alternatives and workarounds in this thread: ARTH101: Discussion Topic 4, Art21


Ty for the advice Sean :slight_smile:


Hi All,

Just wanted to introduce myself on the forum to all of you.

My name is Kerri and I just started the “Saylors Open Course” option for Thomas Edison State University here in New Jersey, USA. I have to say, I am a little nervous yet have high expectations for myself. I am excited to learn all I can here in order to obtain my Associate in Science in Business Administration degree. I am SO appreciative that I can learn in my spare time, online! All while continuing to work and taking care of my home and family needs.

I never would have thought this was ever possible for me just 10 years ago when I first attempted to get my degree at the local community college. It was too much driving back and forth, trying to match my work and school schedule was almost impossible (unless I cut my hours, which I couldn’t afford to do even if i wasn’t paying for school) and I feared that I would never be able to have the time and dedication it would take to earn my associates degree.

Well, here we are! Day 1 of it all!
Looking forward to the day i can post back and say: I DID IT.
Thanks for listening.


Hello everyone!

This is Amr. I am 23 from Egypt and, I recently got accepted into an I/O Psychology M.S. program in the U.S!
As my background is not in Psyc, I was instructed to take some pre-requisite courses first … After doing quite the research, I have to say that I am very glad that I found Saylor Academy! Even though I am only on my second week of studying, the course material is super organized, easy to use and follow, fun and very thorough. I am currently working on the Psyc 101 course.

It also feels like I may never have nothing to do now with the abundance of accessible courses in all different walks of life, I certainly see myself doing a lot of self-learning on here!

Finally, I have to note the great experience I had with “customer service” (if you wanna call it that) … They respond in a quick & rich manner and Sean even accepted my request to have a phone conversation and answered every question generously.

I hope Saylor gets more exposure because it definitely deserves so!


Welcome Kerri and Amr!

So are we! We’re a small team here, but happy for you to use us as a resource along the way :slight_smile:


Hi all! My name is Priscila. I hope you all succeed in the courses you choose to take :slight_smile:


Hi my name is Winnie Palmer.I live in Beaumont.Texas I am 65 years old.I. am taking this course because I want to learn more.I have 3 girls I am an ordained. pastor?


hi my name is chidinma favour i new here i just started the biology course hopping to understand this course more better


Hi everyone.
My name is Rajas Golwalkar and I am from Goa, India. I am 25 Years old. I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in computer science. I also have also completed a certificate course in “Big Data Analytics”.

I am currently running an online ad listing website I also work on web designing projects as a freelancer.

I am here on Saylor Academy to improve my existing knowledge and skills.

Rajas Golwalkar


Hi I’m Linda from Brisbane Australia looking to use this course to help community orgs


Hi, my name is Jessica, Im 35 years old. I live in Rialto California. I’m interested in furthering my education so I can achieve my career goals in life.


I am Vanessa. New to Saylorg. Excited about getting started. Love learning!


Thank you!

I am happy to have found curriculum I can use with confidence. However, I have come across an exercise where the instructions indicate there are active links for the students to access. The links are not active on the page I was viewing. Perhaps now that I’ve registered and will have the chance to get to learn from other uses, I will be able to gain access to more information than what is immediately available.

M. Maber


Welcome! If the links continue to be a problem even with an account, please feel free to send them to our contact email; we’ll find substitutes or updates.


Hello everyone. My name is Rema and I am new to Saylor and enjoying the learning experience. I am currently doing my second course and loving it. Great information! Looking forward to doing many more.