I’d say that time/project management is one of the most important skills that anyone can develop – valuable for oneself and valuable for employers.

That’s PRDV005 for anyone who’s curious :wink:


Hello everyone, My name is Fernando and im currently enrolled at I just discovered this site by luck through Course Buffet website, which by the way is also a great site. Im an electrician by trade but i have been trying to learn Front-end dev from lots of online sources. Im taking cs101 right. Keep up the good work


Welcome Fernando! We love Course Buffet – they connected with us a few years ago at the height of MOOC mania (so…probably 2012 or 2013), and still send folks our way :slight_smile:


Hi Founder,
Good story. I’m 48 and have found Saylor a great opportunity. Welcome! And kuddos to you!


Well, Good Luck!


Hi, I’m Lisa 34 years old in two days. I was highly passionate about art in high school, but life got in the way of my dreams as it sometimes tends to do. I’ve been a stay at home, homeschooling mom for the last six years but somethings been missing and I finally figured out what it was. After a ton of internal conflict and fear… I’ve decided to take the leap of pursuing my art full time, but due to situations beyond my control I cant go back to school to pursue an art degree so Saylor is one of many sites I’m utilizing to build my own program, I don’t need letters behind my name, just knowledge in my head and Saylor is making that possible with ARTH101. So here I am, nice to meet everyone.



And there’s never been a better time – between places like YouTube, podcasts, Wikimedia Commons, and free digital collections like those from The Walters Art Museum and the J. Paul Getty Museum, a whole lot of art is within reach without needing to travel for it.


Hello World! I’m Jeff and I am new to this forum. I am looking forward to learning as much as I can. I haven’t been in school in over 40 years so I look forward to the class


I am Mr. Anthony G. Gbeta, a new student to your program. I firstly want to extend my many thanks to you for welcoming me in your noble program. It is my pleasure to continue your program as long as I will have an internet service or connection. Again, thanks a million. I ready enjoy my first course on Business Administration…

Again thanks for what you do for humanity.



My name is Alex. I have been taking Business Communications and have found this information very helpful as I am a sales Territory Manager. I look forward to taking more courses and interacting with the Saylor community.


Awesome, welcome!!


Hey everyone am new here My name is Vittorio and am into the visual arts


Hello everyone!

I’m surprised I managed to stumble onto this site, but was happy when I found it. I’m mainly trying to get back into a more academic-centered mindset, as well as educate myself on topics that have always interested me. I’m interested in going back to school in the near future, though my goals are somewhat different after I hurt my back a few years ago. I figure that studying and learning is a good way to distract myself from body aches and leave a record of being productive despite my back keeping me mainly confined to my room most days. I’m also taking some web development and visual design classes, as well starting to study for the A+ certification. I’ve always wanted to expand my knowledge of computers; being stuck in bed or at my desk has given me the perfect opportunity to really dive in.

But while I’m here, the first course I’m going to take is entirely for personal enjoyment. So I enrolled in PHIL103, and I’ll be merrily contemplating abstract ideas with no verifiable answers to counteract the real-world education that fills most of my time. I’m a sucker for getting lost in my thoughts.

Nice to “meet” all of you! This seems like an interesting community, and I definitely appreciate the effort to make college-level accredited courses available for free, even though it probably bumps this page down past the 3rd page of paid-online classes that are available all around these days. I believe that everyone deserves the chance to a good education and to earn college credits - especially those who cannot afford to pay but have the drive to find places like this gem.

Happy to be here among the rest of the self-directed students :slight_smile:

If anyone ever wants a study buddy for a class - any class - you’re welcome to message me. I may or may not have the time available, but I’m always looking to explore a new subject!

Ok back to class :wink: Oh yeah, my name is Elizabeth. Happy studying!


Hi, My name is Karen, and I am a 52-year-old certified home health aide in New Jersey. My husband Steven is a chef. We have two cats. I have taken up a number of areas of study over the years, and am here to further my learning. Looking forward to learning new things and having some interesting discussions with classmates here online.


Hi Saylor am Emmanuel from Nigeria, i was just thinking on how i will be able to make myself a better person when i have know high educational level , but i just come across Saylor Academic online then looking true it write up i said to myself your opportunity is here,and this is the best for me God bless Saylor.


I’ll bet the “thinking about thinking” that drives philosophy studies will add value to anything that comes after!

Maybe we should say “yes” to one of the many unsolicited boost-your-SEO emails we get. (Eh, maybe not.)


Hello there!

My name is Jennie. I am from the Philippines. I am a new student here. I just enrolled in my first course which is ARTH101: Art Appreciation and Techniques. I am trying to familiarize this student discussion site. I hope to learn new things here.

Take care and God bless you! :slight_smile:


Welcome, Jennie! ARTH101 has some of the most active exchange here in the forums, so I think you will find good people with intriguing ideas.


HALLO every one ! my name is Daniel Choka and am happy to be one saylor academy community i will appreciate your warmly welcom


Hello Everyone, I am glad to join you in this forum to exchange our experience and ideas through our courses goals. My name’s Mohammed Gad. I am Egyptian but I am working in Saudi Arabia. I have been working there since 2013 and my current position is executive manager of consulting company specialised in water and environmental. I am so interested in Business management and all courses related to this issue so i would be highly appreciated to cooperate with all members here to organise our ideas and retain more knowledge.