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Anthony Boadi is my name. I am a Ghanaian from Ghana West of Africa. Teaching is my greatest profession which I ply daily. I hold a BSc in Administration (Marketing Option). In Saylor Academy, I am reading the course Human Resource Management., I am 52 years old.


Welcome to Saylor!


Welcome Anthony! We hope you enjoy the course!


Hello Dickson! Welcome. We hope you find the courses useful!


Hello All

I am Munther Skahir , 60 years old . electrical engineer from Iraq.
I have joned Saylor academy recently and attend ENGL210 course as a start
to improve my technical writing ability as I work in oil and gas sector in Iraq
in project manager position dealing with several forien companies .
Hope this biginning will improve my job capability and I plan to attend another courses
in future

Thanks for this approtunity

and good luck to everybody


Welcome! We hope you enjoy the English 201 course and find it useful. Do let us know what you think about the course!


Hello! I’m Addy, 21. Currently studying Computer science in Los Angeles, CA.
Wishing you all great success.


Hello, this is promise, I love learning new things. Thanks.


Hello and Welcome!


Hi, I’m Matthew, 30. I’m from Missouri, U.S. I am taking PHIL103, in preparation for hopefully enrolling and earning my BA next year. I’ve been really impressed with the material and format so far. Thanks!




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Welcome @donproms !!


Hello every one!
My name is Isabelle i’m 20 years old ,i am a new student .I’m taking English courses to get my English improve to study business administration online. thank you SAYLOR STAFF and THANK YOU ALL.


Hello. Im new here just trying to gain some experience in art History. I’ve gone thriugh courses back in highschool as credits but ive graduated and want to refresh my knowledge. Looking forward to learning!


Hello Isabelle- welcome!


Hi Renefaith - welcome!


Hi, I am new here and ready to begin.


Welcome to Saylor Academy!


Hi there! I am Helene living in Windhoek, Namibia. I signed up for the Marketing Principles course to review the concepts and improve my marketing knowledge. I graduated with a BComm Honours degree in 2002 and had international marketing as a subject. However, the marketing field has changed a lot since then. So here I am!