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This line
The part ‘= -34.569’ mean that ‘value’ has been defined to be the number -34.569.
should be this:
The part ‘= -34.569’ means that ‘value’ has been defined to be the number -34.569.


I am Jeanne Smith and I am a mixed media artist.


Welcome Jeanne!


hi my name is mounir i am from morocco.


Hi my name is ahmed ya not popular in america but it is a good one here in tunisia
The programme of education here sucks because It depend on French language and I hate french because I am not good at it but I love english and I am very good at it so you know I just wanna leave the country and go for a better place


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My name is Sonja. I am glad of this opportunity to learn:) Thank You


Hello Sonja,
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Hello, My name is Aaron


Hello I am Shajuana Ransom. I am 33yrs old. I attend The University of Memphis and I am a Psychology major.


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Hellow my names is Avitus Leonard am from Tanzania am very happy to join in this academy my God bless that


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Hello, My name is Danielle, and I am new to the forums but not to Saylor. I hope to enhance my learning experience by participating here with other students and hopefully help others in the future.


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