Hello, my name is Praise Akpantah, It is my first time here and I’m still confused a little, but in my short period of time reviewing this material, I have seen a great place and the only being I have spoken to is a robot, I think there are also great people. I am glad to be here.


Hi Praise - How are you progressing with your studies here at Saylor?


Hello Jeff,

I am doing great although a little slow because I am working (my internship).

And Thanks for asking.


Hello My name is Emmanuel, I am a Postal worker and I like sailor for so many reasons first it allows you to manage your progress, it easy to navigate and the guidelines are clear to understand. I’m look forward to finish some classes in the computer science area,


Hi everyone! I’m new here to Saylor and just recently enrolled in Management Information Systems. I’m currently studying for a Computer Information Systems degree and am looking forward to taking some other computer classes through Saylor.


Greetings everyone,
I am Shadow Master Lonewolf (a.k.a Rebecca). I have just joined Saylor Academy and have only begun looking at the Business courses. As a self-driven learner I found that I often struggled in the standard college/university setting. This may either be due to my fast-paced learning style or the instructor’s slow-paced teaching style, I don’t know for sure. After years of searching for free online courses (none in Canada) I found this site. I am loving the layout of the site as well as it’s easy-to-use format. I hope to learn everything I possibly can from here. Thank you to the staff for providing this great opportunity to those who may not be able to obtain a college/university education otherwise.

Shadow Master Lonewolf


Hello there everyone!

My name is Joelle and I signed up to use this website today.

I am mostly interested in cutting costs by earning credits to transfer to a college.
I am also here to check out what the online MOOC scene is like and brush up on some essential academic skills such as math.

I am very blessed and very happy to be here.
I will be trying the Computer Science courses out and enjoying myself along the way!


Hi everybody. I’m a 22 year old undergrad student from Massachusetts on a leave of absence. I love learning so not being in school has driven me towards online-based educational opportunities and I gravitated towards Saylor due to the real college credit they offer. It has sort of an air of legitimacy knowing you could transfer to a university and bring tangible evidence of this education with you.

As for my personal life, I am an artist and musician. I build and repair computers, and I strive to get a PhD some day. I am a voracious reader. I am really easy to make friends with, but I am terrible at breaking the ice. I love athletics and weight lifting, and of course … I love learning.

I’m excited to get involved in the forum and help the community grow and improve.


Welcome to Saylor Academy- we hope you find the courses useful!


Thank You
The courses are really helpful


Hello everyone,
l am Ikande Monday, am from Nigeria a Graduate of Business Administration. am an Enterprenuer I’m here to learn and network to make a difference to my Organization.


Hello & welcome! We hope you find some useful courses!