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My name is Amos Watentena from Uganda, I am new on this platform.
I am taking a course in project management and I would love to meet anyone here.



Hey everyone! My name is Brandi and I am currently working as an RN, however, I have recently received my master’s in nursing and am getting my licensure as a FNP. I am taking this course because I am a life-long learner and love learning new things. I did not have the chance while in college to take courses that interested me but were not a part of my degree so I am taking the opportunity now with this course. Art has always fascinated me and I feel that by taking this course I will be able to have a better understanding and appreciation of art.

I have been lucky in my life that my family, particularly my grandmother, has been very tolerant of my yearning for knowledge and exploration of things besides what I have known growing up in a small town. This interest in knowledge and exploration of the world has been a part of my life since as long as I can remember. Interests I have explored have bee such things as literature, art, language, music, nature, writing, and many other things. For me, knowledge and exploration are about more than intelligence, it is about feeding the soul as well.

The earliest exposure to visual art I would have to say began in early school days. We always had art classes and the fact that art gave us the ability to express our thoughts and feelings in more than just words always fascinated me. With that being said, I was never the artist in my family; that role would be my brother. However, over the years I have dabbled in things such as painting and drawing which with time and lots of practice, have been more appealing to myself in particular. Painting has always been my go-to and recently I have been able to include this in my social life as well. A few friends and I have attended several “wine and painting” classes and I must say they have been very enjoyable.

More recently, since obtaining my master’s degree in nursing and having more time for me, I have been exploring the role of abstract painting and being able to express my feelings through abstract and also to discern what other artists are trying to convey through abstract art. I have been particularly drawn to the abstract pieces that are done in calm or cooling colors since at this time in my life I have been on a personal journey of overcoming my depression and anxiety and finding my inner calm or inner peace. For me, these colors mean more than just blues or greens. They are what my soul has been striving to incorporate over the past few years. Because of this, my anxiety and depression, with the help of counselors and medication, have begun to be less of a burden and more of an obstacle I am overcoming.

For me in this time of my life, the artwork that I produce is specifically designed and targeted for myself as the audience. It is a type of therapy for me to remind myself that there can be calm and peace found in the world and that anxiety and depression do not have to control my life. One day I am sure my audience will change but for now, I am enjoying having art accompany me on my life journey of soul-searching and peace.


Welcome Brandi!


Hello, my name is Praise Akpantah, It is my first time here and I’m still confused a little, but in my short period of time reviewing this material, I have seen a great place and the only being I have spoken to is a robot, I think there are also great people. I am glad to be here.