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Welcome @Minhvh – glad to have you!


Hello! I’m excited about finding Saylor and the continuing development going on here! The site is a fabulous resource for homeschoolers or anyone looking for a non-traditional class option. As a former homeschooler and now almost-empty-nester, I’m finally able to go back and work on my own bachelor’s degree through TESC. My A.S. degree from the 80’s didn’t transfer completely (because of the age) so this is a perfect preparation for taking the TESC exams for my missing general education requirements. I am currently pursuing a BSBA in Computer Information Systems there. I am an enthusiastic supporter and would love to help any way I can. Thanks for all you’re doing!


Welcome to the forums, Cheryl!

These are two major use cases, so it is great to hear this.

Finding meaningful, interesting, and relatively easy ways for people to contribute is slowly becoming – and really needs to become – a priority for us.


Hi - I’m Debbie. I believe in continuous improvement and life-long learning. I into anything new or that I don’t know (and that is a lot!). Any subject excites me.

My education is a bit odd. I dropped out of school after completing the 8th grade. I went back at the age of 40 and got a GED. Then I went on to earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration. – I regret not having set foot a single day into a high school. There is a lot to be learned there. Math and English are my weaknesses. Therefore, I’m taking middle school (K-12) level classes just to brush up on my skills.

From my experience at Saylor is that I really have to learn to pass. No coasting here. I wish there were more people interaction associated with the classes that I am taking. I think the new forum is a step in the right direction. BTW, thanks Saylor for aiding in my education.


Hi Joropi! I am also taking 6th grade level math and English. And I am 54!

Glad to see like minded adults here.

BTW, I live in Columbus, Ohio USA.


Hi Nicole! How does Saylor’s English programs stack up to your English education? I’m enrolled in 6th grade English and have read 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Peter Pan, and Life on the Mississippi. I am thankful for the learning here. Those are classic stories with valuable life lessons.


So many people say they wish they could forget most of it, but in truth, I would love to go back…in my case for math and science.

Us, too…and we hope the forums will be a step in the right direction, too.


Three I have missed! Recently read and enjoyed Around The World in Eighty Days and enjoy the little I have read of Mark Twain…his humor still seems to work!

And, since I haven’t said it yet, hello and welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks Sean!


Nice to read you. My greatest difficulty is the language which causes go slower than I’d like (the math level is so easy, more important to me is to known these basic concepts in English). Anyway, I am determined to finish this course. Greetings.


Hi Again Joropi!

Isn’t it interesting how different we all go about learning? For example you are taking elementary math to learn English, while I am taking it to shore up my foundations in math - where my structure is weakest. Thankfully, there is Saylor that lets us do this. Traditional schools seem to want to push us through as fast as possible. The destination is important but more so is the journey. Stop and smell the roses and learn -along the way.



My name is Deane and I am 25 years old from New Zealand. My best line of work is Software Development, however I am always curious about topics that are out of my field of expertise. In other words, I enjoy learning!


Welcome Deane!

You came to the right place for learniing!


I am highly interested in being part of this academy. My name is Mohamed Hussein and I live in nothern part of Somalia, the city of Hargeisa and I am currently learning medicine at the universiy of Gollis


Hello @abaayuub – welcome!

I work for Saylor – I hope these courses can be useful to you either in or alongside your medical studies.


Hi all, I figured I should introduce myself as well. I’m Tanner, and I also work with Saylor alongside @seanconnor, @natethompson, @jazinheira, and the rest. I work with our consulting faculty to develop courses, and also do things “behind the scenes” to help improve the student experience.

I’m keeping an eye on the forums as we go along, and I’m very excited to see all these conversations happening! I hope you all enjoy your experience here with us.


Hi, I’m Morgan. I’m from Texas, and I came here to get the programming skills I couldn’t get in college.


Hi Everyone,
I am Sandra. I live in Delaware and am working on my A.S. in Business Administration. I have been out of the school for 15 years and it has been little difficult getting back in the swing of things. The Saylor staff and programs have been a great help with getting started. Thank you!!


Good Evening from USA, Virginia.

I’m taking a courera course and just signed up a course here. I would like to use my courses to advance my career as well as compliment my degree at the same time.

I do have a question. How do I find the discussion board within a specific class? My class requires us to use the discussion board for its assignments; but, it doesn’t specify where to post in order for my to receive credit.


Hi Carlita

The question about forum postings has come up a few times recently. You might see my reply to a similar question.

There isn’t really any question of ‘credit’ being lost if you don’t post in the forums (although I’m not discouraging anyone from discussion!): for Saylor courses only the Final Exam matters in terms of passing or failing.

Discussing a topic either as a response to a course prompt or simply to raise a point of concern or interest has value in itself both in what you can learn from others and in the practice of summarising and synthesising your own ideas.

We should have some sensible categories soon and it is likely that work will be going into the course prompts to make for a more stimulating discussion.