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Hello everyone,

I am Audrey, 25, french leaving in London, and I am new to Saylor, Discourse and any of the free online courses, so I might need some help very soon :blush:
I am here to learn as much as I can about Human resources!

Greetings to all!



My name is Shelley. I’ve just spent most of the night cruising around this web site. I think I’m about to sign up for a history class. I’ve not done these type of classes, so I’m feeling really unsure. But, I’m going to jump in! A little bit about me…I grew up in an enviroment/family were education was very discouraged. At one point, I did obtain my LVN III in Texas. I left nursing because I lost my love for it, and it was very hard on the back! I’ve been just watching my grandkids. It hit me that I had NO life at all. So, this is how I’m beginning to take it back!

One concern is, although I know everyone is doing this at their own pace, I didn’t see where to post specific to each class. Where either myself, or someone else, can maybe post about something that really caught their attention…or something else, that those that come behind can read. But then it’s possible that it’s right in front of me.

I hope I get to know ya’ll, whether we are in the same studies, or not. BTW…I’m in Misery, mean Missouri!

I am very open to study suggestions!


and I guess I did my first post wrong! Didn’t mean for it to come out
as a “reply”. LOL


oh…it’s not letting me into the portfolio…I confirmed my email. but it’s saying I
have invalid credentials???


All posts are replies unless they are the opening post in a topic. You can either reply to the topic in general (using the reply button right at the bottom) or to a particular post (by using the reply button at the end of that post).

Have you registered separately for the ePortfolio? It uses a separate sign in from the forums (ie Discourse–here!).


Hi. My name is Karen. I am 52 and taking classes online to improve my chances of advancing within my company. I hope this old dog can learn some new tricks.


Hello! My Name is Kelly, I am 22 years old and serving in the United States Air Force. I’ve seen your course list and some of the material you have for them and I’m excited to get started. :smile:


Hi Kelly,

Nice to hear from you. I wish that something like the Saylor Academy had been around when I was in my 20s and in the Royal Air Force. Unfortunately, the internet didn’t even exist back then!


Hi all! My name is Marcel, I’m 40 years old and live in the Netherlands. I’m new to both MOOCs and Saylor. I want to refresh and improve my knowledge on all kinds of areas, including my English. I’m excited about finding Saylor and will be around for a long time.


Good morning everyone! My name is Karen. I’m a 51 year old FDA employee. It’s a pleasure to join the forum at Saylor Academy. I am new to all this, including the studying. I’ve been out of school for almost 30 years and finally decided to try to work toward my BS in hopes of moving up the ranks at work. I’m currently enrolled in the BUS101 course. I look forward to any and all advise anyone can provide or is willing to offer. Kudo’s to all of you for attempting a high education for whatever reason (s) you have.


Welcome Karen… I’m a 54 yr young UPS employee. I wish that I could do nothing but learn for a while. But life gets in the way.


It’s a pleasure Debbiesty! You are absolutely right about that! I had every intention of working on studying yesterday but it was so beautiful outside, I took the dog out and played with him then washed my car. I definitely have to become more regimented and stick with my study times. How long have you been doing this?


Hi, my name is Andrew. I’m from the UK. I just signed up for English Composition I.


Hi Andrew, its nice to meet another Brit here!


OK, I’m back! I had talked myself out of trying this, but I keep telling myself, I can do this.
Higher Education was forbidden growing up. It could cause you to be shunned from family and friends. I’m really behind when it comes to even basic computer skills. I’ve spent hours on here this evening, just to try to get a feel, and figure out how to get started.


Hi, my name is Kadine Bennett. I live in Jamaica. I have a degree in Business Administration for 6 years but I’ve not been able to grow professionally. I’m hoping that the courses at will help me.


@shelley, welcome back! Keep plugging along. I’m surprised at how much I’ve learned about all kinds of things by just scratching at the surface over a good amount of time, including from working for Saylor. But please feel free to ask questions, share small triumphs, or vent frustrations – all such posts are equally welcome here!

@kerri I hope so, too. Let us know how things go, and thanks for joining the forums :slight_smile:



I’m Krishna from Malaysia currently doing Customer Service course.


Hi Karen! Good luck with your courses and do let us know if your company views them favorably.


Hello, my name is juan Carlos, It is my first time here, a little bit confused still, but in my short period of time reviewing this material, I have seen a great place and great people. I am glad to be here.