Welcome! Although I have not taken our art history course yet, your post suggest to me the idea that learning more about art inevitably widens the circle of things we appreciate, and also of things we like – a nice extra benefit.


Howdy, I am Kamus suwanto, worked as a photographer and came from Indonesia. English Literature was my dream when I was young. I love Pre-English 000 because it is the requirement to take English Literature.


Hello Kamus and welcome!


Hi everyone :slight_smile: I go by Sunny online (not my real name) and its nice to meet everyone on here. I was on Life Hacker University and scrolled down to the section entitled “Find you own online courses”…saw this, scrolled past and scrolled back up to check out this site. The others didn’t impress me, to say the least. I perused this site and I was impressed, so I signed up. Have changed majors a few times…but I am now content. I was taken aback a bit with the “areas of study” because they do pair you with other courses that somehow fit together. But its worth it. I’m glad to be here and I’m fortunate to have found this site. It’s run just like a major universities paid tuition based online program. The fact that there is no associated deadlines in the courses is perfect… considering I’m also taking courses on other sites. Whomever thought of this site, deserves all the accolades they receive. Truly an intelligent idea!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :blush: Have a good day from :sunny: California. :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Juliet, I recently retired because of health reason and need to fill my time besides watching tv and computer games. I am 53, and live in (right now) chilly Florida. I love learning but cannot afford to go to tuition based college. This is just as good and hopefully better.


Sending you some :sunny: :sunglasses: :sunrise: :sunny: I am tired of the 80’s and 90’s lol.


Hi everyone, my name is Marquietta Hayward and I’m a Criminal Justice major from Houston, TX.


Alan Henry (creator of the LHU posts) is a rockstar; we are and shall remain grateful to him.


Welcome @HOLBERG, @Juliet, and @MAHAYW1685 – thanks for adding to the Intro thread and please do feel free to be in touch with us here in the forums or by email! We’re a small team, but you know our names and where to find us :smile:


Agreed :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello, might as well pop in and say hi. I quite like the classes Saylor has to offer. I am taking the ARTH101 class myself. Don’t see much reason to go posting every personal detail, but currently living in the USA, with a passion for art and science both. Hobbies include; a lot of reading, gaming, and watching things, be it anime, or videos on YouTube. I particularly enjoy cute and silly things. Though I will say I am painfully shy, so don’t expect that much in terms of socializing, heh. I wish everyone the best of luck in all of their classes!


Welcome, and thanks for sharing a bit about yourself.

I would say, “Who doesn’t?” but…some don’t. Different strokes for different folks, as they say. More for the rest of us, I guess!


Hey my name is Tony. I’m a poet and business man. I enjoy learning new things and thriving at whats important. A pleasure to meet you all.


Welcome Tony, and thanks for diving right in to the art history discussion!


Hello, my name is Angel Rose. I am a freelance artist and illustrator from Holland Texas. I like to think I am pretty well versed in visual arts an have been creating art for practically all my life. I have an AA in Visual Communications and have a BFA in Illustration. I also have numerous certificates for various art and design classes I have taken. I have always been studying and practicing art since I was young child, at age 5. Today, I create artwork in both digital and traditional forms. And I am well versed in many different forms of art mediums and software. My style is mostly realistic but I also add in elements of whimsical effects. I love designing and creating characters and cartoons, especially anime style. My audience ranges from the average art enthusiast, wanting to buy some traditional art work, to the smaller business man who is looking for business branding work, such as logo and marketing deliverables. You can visit my website at: . I am very excited to take this class! I believe there is always room to sharpen skills and improve. Knowledge is power. Thanks!


Welcome @AngelRose! Your intro reinforces for me the importance of practice as an important piece of “life-long learning” – not just practice the way we practice the piano, although certainly including that, but practice the way one practices a trade – constantly combining the abstract and the concrete in building and expanding what we know and can do.


Hey, my name is Jas and I’m a marketing student from the Philippines. I am currently taking COMM411: Public Relations here in I’m 19 years old and I genuinely love learning and I’m glad that this site offers free courses.


Hello there!

I’m Meg. A photographer and administrator. I’m here to take these 6 credits so I can be accepted into college. May it be quick, painless, and educational.



Hi, I am actually in Grad School and in about two terms I have to take a biostatistics class. I never took statistics as an undergrad, (also a bit math phobic), so here I am taking Mat 121(statistics) in order to have a good foundation for biostats. I am enjoying the material thus far.