welcome- hope you enjoy the course!


i think i prefer the whatsappp platform for discussion because i dont have acees to a computer, but my smart phone is availably on lie 24/7\


Welcome, Albert! These discussion forums work pretty well on a smart phone, too. I’ve used the “add to home screen” feature in my mobile browser to put a tile on my phone screen for quick access :slight_smile:


Hi, my name is Rachael and I am from the UK. I have an MA in Ancient Egyptian Culture and I have studied general Art History in minor detail. Good to join :grinning:


Good to have you, Rachael! The threads for our Art Appreciation and Techniques course are among the most active on this forum, so I hope they will enrich your course of study!


Hello to the community. I’m taking the Art History Course ARTH101.

I’m a personal property appraiser with the International Society of Appraisers. I’m an “Accredited Member”.
I specialize in Antiques & Residential Contents, Fine Art with specialization in Watches and Clocks.
My website is or via FB

I’m always looking to talk about Art and History to increase my knowledge.


Hello everybody,my name is Daniel Kasuza and l am new to both Saylor and discourse. I live in Zimbabwe and very much like to write my own research as l have never had a chance to do so earlier in my life.


Welcome, Daniel and John!

One of the benefits of learning your way around Discourse forums is that you will start to see them cropping up everywhere (well, everywhere that one finds discussion forums, anyway).


Hello everyone. I’m taking Art Appreciation and techniques- at my own speed…
I live in the north of Spain and work as an architect and teacher. I´ve taken courses on architecture, but not on art and I am really excited about this one!




Hi my name is Al and I have decided to take an interest in sociology and to see were it could take me


weclome Al!


thanks sean for all of your help. my other tests went all ok.


Hi. Just call me Victor. I’m an underground industrial recording artist semi-retired in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I had to leave school after grade 9 and found in my 20’s that correspondence education was easier for me, and then later online education. I missed most of high school and got an Honours Diploma in Fitness & Nutrition. At age 29 I went to Business College- an intensive program type -and got a Diploma in MicroComputer & Business Applications and then Desktop Publishing & Design. A year ago at age 50 I attended online for a diploma in Interior Design.

This place is more academic than I am accustomed to, but I would like to go the Computer Science Diploma route- non-credit- since proctored exams would stress me out too much. I have disabilities and health problems which is also why I do learning online. Can’t deal with much stress at all.

Since I only have grade 9 math, I am wondering what I will need to do the maths in CS Core and which maths to do in what order. There is a mathemetician who thinks people would do better learning advanced math first anyway. I just want to be able to do software deveolpment- create apps. Not too intererested in website creation. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics also very much intrigue me.

Thanks. Sorry for being so long-winded!


Welcome, Victor! I hope our academic flavor will prove more a boon than a bane

P.S. Vancouver’s great (to visit, at least)! At work, I use my Vancouver BC maple leaf mug every day.

I’ll leave this to others to really answer (try here:, but to get started, algebra and some geometry are mainly what’s needed – I think there is much that can be done with practical math acquired over decades or just by working in the CS materials. Our CS101 is a pretty gentle introduction and you will get your hands dirty with Java.


Hello everyone. I am a new student looking forward to some great discussions and sharing opportunities. I’m 49 and I live in beautiful, sunny Florida. I work in the power utility industry and I’m studying the A.S. in Business program. Again, hello all!!


Hello and welcome to Saylor Academy - best wishes for success in the AS BA program!


Hello everyone.
Am Patrick from Kenya. Am currently studying Applied Statistics with IT in one of the best universities in Kenya.
Am studying Computer Science here at Saylor and I have to admit that it is awesome.
I hope that this is going to be a great place for me to earn a recognisable degree certificate.
I would also wish if there is anyone else studying CS to contact me so as we can assist each other in our studies since unity is strength.


Thanks Sean. Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Headaches. Ack! Anyway, I do have some basic algebra- not sure I remember it. To be honest, it’s more important to me to have a skill set that is practical and will help me out there in the big bad world better than interior deisgn will. I have been thinking about it and I think that being able to create Apple and Google apps as well as web page design and fix software IT issues would probabaly take me far and add A.I. too. I am interested in the hardware end of things but my hands are crippled, so I’m not sure if there are tools that can help or if my shaky hands would make that aspect impossible. Right now I am little by little doing Try College 101 on days when the headaches aren’t as bad just to learn to study smarter, but if jumping right into CS101 after that is a good plan, then cool. Have to start somewhere!

Yeah, Vancouver is pretty but I want to be somewhere safer outisde of the earthquake subduction zone.


Welcome Patrick! We hope you find some good use in the courses you select and wish you much success!