Hey all! I found this forum when I was doing some research on homeschooling + Glad to be here.




Hello all. My name is Andrew and I am liking this site so far. I am using this site as a refresher to materials that I learned before. Have a great day!!!


Hi everyone. You can call me Cjunior. I recently joined Saylor Academy and enrolled in Introduction to Business and a few other courses. I am using these courses learn new material and as a refresher course for classes I had taken a quite while ago. I love this site so far and I am excited to learn as much as I can. I am hoping to see more classes added soon.


I guess most would call me a “late bloomer!” I celebrated my 59th birthday in October, and decided to gift myself with the present of a formal education; continuing education really, as I have 27 college credits at City Colleges of Chicago.

I am a widow, and I have two wonderful service animals who share my space with me. I prefer the company of animals, four-legged ones primarily. I also like plants and minerals, fresh air and sunshine, star gazing, and being aware of what is up there.

I will be enrolling in Moral and Political Philosophy. I cannot wait to get started… Alexandria Hammer


Welcome @Andrew_Grigaliunas @Cjunior & @alexhammer

Hope all is going well thus far…


Feel free to start a homeschooling-related topic if you feel moved to do so; in any event – welcome!


Hello! I signed up for when I was struggling in my graduate program a few years ago. I have since exited and am now constructing a homeschool curriculum for my son. I plan to use the courses available here, especially for CS and business. The site feels much smoother than it did when I first signed up. I like the improvements. Anyways, I look forward to exploring the offerings and improving my computer programming skills.


Hey I am Christopher, I am from France but living in the USA for about 4 years now! Love Saylor Academy so far!

Right now I am doing ENGL000 :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,
My name is Seun, i’m 36yr old Nigerian businessman and i’m trying to work my way through this program with the help of beautiful people around here.


Hello Saylor Community, My name is Lakechia Polk. I’m a paralegal by trade and have decided to further my education online. I’m a mother with a limited income and a very busy schedule, so I really appreciate being able to take classes on Saylor. Thanks for the opportunity.


I just wanted everyone to know that i have gotten my computer science and major and it is to me equal to any b.s. in computer science anywhere. thanks


Hello, my name is Founder. Well, that is not my real name but I value my privacy and like to keep a small digital footprint.

Many of you may know that there are several online opportunities to obtain a college level education. Saylor Academy was chosen mainly because it provides a cirrculum based education that can’t be found without paying high tuition. (Trust me, I have searched)

The reason I am pursuing a college education is because I am in the process of starting a small business and in order to have any credibility with investors, future partners, or even customers, I feel it is important to have a background in business in order to be able to “talk the talk.”

A story is starting to be told. It involves an entrepreneur who was not able to complete a college education earlier in life. Who succeeded in a career that provided little fulfillment but is taking that experience and embarking on a journey to do something great for society.

I am sharing this information because I believe that anyone who makes the commitment to embark on independent effort to obtain an online educational background has drive and passion. These are the people that I choose to learn with and possibly develop a future partnership.

What a great story this shaping up to be. I look forward to learning with you.


Hi my name is Cameron, I’m 17 years old, and I am homeschooling.


Good Day, everyone!.
I’m Raj. 47, married with 3 children. I’m studying philosophy with inclinations towards environmental protection. I just enjoy the fact that Saylor has provided a unique opportunity.


Hi Tania, I am Hassan from Kenya.


My Names are Aliyu Kolawole, am a very gentle guy, cool, calm,
God fearing being and always ready to learn.
Am a Nigerian.
Am a student of Saylor Academy Studying Business Administration.
Although this is my very first time here…


Hi Guys,

I am Mouse. I’m 21 years old. I am from Somalia. I study Medicial School in Amoud University.


Hello my name is Alan and i am a 55yo British male who lives in gods own area of South Yorkshire. I have recently started to paint and decided i wanted to learn more about art.


Welcome, all!

@icefox55 , if you should encounter problems watching some of the Art:21 videos (blocked in the UK), there are some very good suggestions for alternatives and workarounds in this thread: ARTH101: Discussion Topic 4, Art21