Is this a mistake?

MA005 section 4.7 Problem number 26. The question is the limit as x approaches infinity of (1-cos(3x))^x. The answer is given as 1. Shouldn’t their be no answer for this?


So does this mean it is a mistake?

Unless I’ve made a mistake, the conclusion is that the function (1-cos(3x))^x has no limit

So is their a way to get Saylor to fix it?

Hi @student,

Please, be aware that I’m also just a fellow student here :slight_smile: According to : “The quickest way to get in touch with our staff is by email at You can also use this form [ FORM ]”

I have no connection with Saylor whatsoever. Some time ago I just stumbled across the website. I have few obligations that take up my time, so every so often I just answer a question. I think an appropriate solution to this sort of thing would be a preventative measure, e.g., both questions and solutions to them should be proof read before including them on examinations or problem sets.

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