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Java program basics to advance (CS101)

This is a new topic about merely Java program and it’s features. We will here discuss about the basic and advance topic of java program and believe that really this forum will help us to grow our present knowledge which we are learning in cs101. If you have any question and suggestion feel free to post here. Thanks to all


I need some advice people. I am doing technical writing and i am looking for the approproate computer course that can go with it.

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I was finishing the first unit, and there’s a program to be written for age converter in the assessment section. Upon checking the suggested correct “answer” for that problem I’m pretty sure not to have developed such skill yet.

I have thoroughly read all the material but the language and uses of this particular problem seems to be distant from the clear example of the hello world practice in the command prompt window that was done a few sections prior to the assessment.

So, I’m still going forward to the second unit to see if this problem will make more sense in retrospective once I start learning more from that next unit, but I wanted to know if there’s anything that I’m missing here and if that age converter program should have been crystal clear for the last stage of the first unit.

My lack of understanding regards mainly the use of class, public, main, void, string[] args, etc., as it is not very clear yet what do these mean or how they are combined successfully.


Okay sir

Hi, I am wondering if someone here can help me. When saving a source file to my computer, i specified a new folder which was in my c drive. I specified ANSI and all files when saving. When i try to compile javac the cmd gives me an error as the file is not found. I am not sure what is happening or why it is happening. can someone help me?

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