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Java Programming

I am having a really hard time comprehending on how to do what it says to do in that project with Java and Netbeans. Can someone please put it in laymens terms for me please or at least tell me what I need to do because I have no clue. And I have read it over and over and over. I’m so confused!! Please help.

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I guess you are working on CS101. Where exactly are you having problems?

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I am BRAVO, Belgium.
Delighted to meet you guys here on Computer science. I am grateful that the saylor foundation has endeavored to put at our disposal such a huge resource for free studies.
More grease to their elbows.
Upon my quest for resources that would facilitate my way through the courses, I failed on this with 1000 MCQs on most computer science courses and deemed it necessary to share with you guys for reading and making self+assessments.
Hope you will all find this link useful. Please don’t hesitate to share any resource, textbook that you may find recommendable.

2 Likes looks like a great supplement (based on looked at one Java I/O question set, at least)!

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Hello Friends, while at SAYLOR ACADEMY, may we share other learning resources that we deem useful. here is another that I found.

List of best Java Interview Questions

Letsfindcourse will help you with their learning resources.