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K-12 Student Credit Recovery?

I’m an 11th grade student from a k-12 Cyber School, and I just over-aged a month ago. However, my counselor has granted me a chance by keeping me in a summer program instead of withdrawing me. I’ve been researching sites for free credit recovery such as Keystone, but couldn’t afford the payments. didn’t work for me either since they wanted me to pay them for signing up. The reason I turn to Saylor is to ask: if enrolled in taking Psychology (3 credits) over the summer for instance, how much would it cost if I completed the exam for credit recovery for my own school, and would they even accept it?

Hello! I replied earlier by email, but I’ll follow up here, too. The key thing is whether your school will recognize credit recommendations by the American Council on Education (ACE). Keep in mind these credits are geared toward college, but talk to your school about what they can/will accept., I believe, also uses ACE, so if your school is more familiar with them, that could help guide the discussion.

This page might help in talking with your school, too:

You’ll find our PSYCH101 listed there (recommended for two semester hours, or credits, rather than three) and can click on the title for more information.