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Let's Go on a WebQuest! Saylor Academy ESL001

Mobile apps is like a computer program that help us to run mobile devices. They are used in many realms such like personal organization, live talks , teaching …etc.
After completing this WebQuest, i have learned new words about computer science very fast and i how to create my own lexicon of computer science.
Furthermore, i have learned some new words such as :
Computer science= a science that study the use and the main principles of computers.
Mobile application = a software program used to run a mobile device or provide a digital service.
Software framework= a platform for developing software applications

  1. What did I learn about mobile apps?

I learned that mobile apps were initially created for increasing productivity, but due to public clamor, a plethora of mobile applications for various purposes–gaming, tracking, manufacturing, and purchasing–came to be.

  1. How did my English improve by completing this webquest?

I definitely learned some technology jargon in the process of completing the webquest, which can undeniably come in handy especially when writing or talking about mobile applications.

  1. What new words did I learn?

One of the terms I came across while doing the webquest was factory automation. I somehow had an idea what it meant without consulting a dictionary, but since I had not encountered the term prior to doing the webquest, I needed to look for its definition to be sure.

Factory automation refers to the use of technology in end-to-end manufacturing to reduce human intervention in the process.

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  1. Mobile app. Can be used to help manage emotions
  2. Coming across new words, guessing from the context and enriching my knowledge on that topic
  3. Well-attuned, relatable