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Liberal Arts Degree Low Under Employment?

A new article in Forbes tonight talked about Liberal Arts degrees having lower levels of under unemployment, just second to STEM degrees. Why is this significant? Because if you are a middle aged person, you probably know a lot of Liberal Arts already.

Liberal Arts is a general studies degree that has a focus on critical thinking. You find liberal arts graduates most anywhere, a lot of them become business managers.

This is significant if you are also a Saylor student you can take subject you know a lot about and obtain college credit for them. For example I am a Project manager - I build things. I never got around to finishing my degree. I know a lot about business. I took Micro and Macro Economics at Saylor, and received college credit through the proctoring option.

There are colleges that specialize in looking at your life experiences and offering you a Liberal Arts degree. In my case my military schools were evaluated by ACE. I had almost a year’s worth of military schools. My project management certification was evaluated as graduate business credit! My Saylor credits that I took with proctoring transferred in.

This is significant because you could be closer to a degree then you ever thought for mainly what is already in your head. Using a Saylor course to refresh that knowledge was a great option for me. For one exam I used Saylor to study for and actually used CLEP for the exam.

The three famous Liberal Arts colleges that have no limit on transfer credit are Excelsior, Thomas Edison, and Charter Oaks. I picked Excelsior and I graduate in August. My Saylor credits that I took with proctoring transferred in. In all, only 48 credits of my 120 credit hour degree will be from a “real” university classes.

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Congratulations. This is so inspiring to read, because I too will be starting my journey to getting a degree in Liberal Arts.

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