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LiDA101: Assessment and scope of digital literacies

Questions to consider:

  • Did the self-assessment you chose focus on digital skills or digital literacies?
  • What did you learn from this exercise?

Source Resource:

Did the self-assessment you chose focus on digital skills or digital literacies?
What did you learn from this exercise?

  1. Digital literacies.

  2. I have some more learning to do in this area, as I’m not a teacher and therefore didn’t know all the areas they requested.

My test focus more on digital literacy and from my results I definitely need to work on my skills on understanding and breaking down the technologies that I need to learn better

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In LIDA101, you will have that practice.

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I used the University of Exeter iTest, which focused on digital literacies. I found that I have a moderate level of comfort and ability with digital literacies but that I can certainly improve them, particularly in the area of online collaboration.

Collaborating with people can be difficult because everybody has their own way of going about things

Wow I thought I knew something about technology, I am surprisingly wrong. Also, I would say literacy as to me, literacy seems to encompass skills, but skills don’t seem to encompass literacies. Of course I may be wrong and someone may be able to correct me.

Using the iTest I believe it was focus on both digital skills and digital literacies.

From the iTest I learned that I unknowingly use both digital skills and literacies, but not to it’s fullest potential as there are a few skills I don’t take advantage of.

Well digitally we have to equipped ourselves to cope up to the changing world.

  1. Self assessment I choosed focused on digital literacy.
  2. I learnt some idea , techniques used in the Assessment I choosed and we have to need skills to attend such assessment .
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I should focus mostly in digital literacies , but in the meantime do not forget about digital skills as well.
This exercise showed me that I’m very passionate about technology , but when it comes to meet my colleague and discuss about homework or assignment I like to do It as well face to face.
Of course that in this period for the pandemic situation that is around us , at moment is very important to take care of ourself and to stay home .

I would choose digital literacies. It has a broad scope including literacies such as information, media and ICT. All of these are interrelated.

This particular lesson of Assessment and Scope of Digital Literacy, has continued to broaden my view of digital use.

  1. Digital literacies

  2. I learnt from this exercise that digital literacies has many meanings, and is very important.

I feel much better about my digital literacy skills after doing an assessment. I am lacking greatly in the social interaction side of things. I have always shied away from being on a pedestal. I learned that I do not have to communicate from a pedestal to interact.