LiDA101: Choose your research topic



Choosing a research question is an iterative process. Your research question will evolve as you learn more about the topic. Sharing your initial ideas on the forum provides the opportunity to formulate the question in writing and to possibly get feedback from your fellow learners.

  • Share your draft research question on the discussion forum.
  • Tell us why you chose this topic.
  • Justify why you think this is a good question for academic research.

Feel free to reply to posts and offer support and/or advice to your peers.

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My research question will have to do with education and a curriculum that includes all and covers all the bases. Basically, one size fits all.


My research topic is going to be about how social media and TV lower self-esteem and morals. I chose this topic because I do use social media every day and it’s a big part of how I communicate with family and friends. I also chose this topic because I think that anybody and everybody can relate because with Facebook I feel like everybody’s judging each other and criticizing each other based on what somebody posts and they don’t even necessarily know if that’s true.