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LiDA101: Digital skills versus literacies

Share you thoughts on Maha Bali’s reflection on digital skills and digital literacies. For example:

  • Thanks Maha, I didn’t realise that ……
  • My take home message from Maha’s video is …

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My take-home message from her video is that it’s okay if you learn your digital skills first because it’s no different than three year olds today being able to work a phone and take pictures and play games when they don’t necessarily understand the mechanics and what they’re doing that they don’t fully understand the digital literacy about it.

I believe that it is okay to teach digital literacy and digital skills concurrently, which is similar to digital fluency. #lida101

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Thanks Maha, first of all I cleared about digital literacy and digital skills which are important for modern technology base society. #lida101

My take home message from Maha’s video is that, need to learn the Digital Skills and literacy at the same time. My reaction is She came up with the analogy of Driving skills with/without knowledge of traffic rules, then I realized that the Digital literacy is the validation of Digital Skills.

We shouldn’ expect success only from digital tools. Success mean functioning effectively and mutually as a result of combination of many things in a digital world. One or the other cannot be seperated from each other.

I would like to comment on the video by Maha Bali but I cannot play the video, it is unavailable. After a quick google search I found an article by Maha Bali with the same title. Transcript Maybe?
My mind is starting to expand and think about the different platforms that I use daily. Little thing like using the correct font and color layouts seem extremely important to me. I’ve been on many pages that I could not read because of the color scheme or font.