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LiDA101: Introduction to digital literacy



Share your thoughts and experiences about digital literacy, for example:

  • The major difference between digital skills and literacies is …
  • I didn’t realize that …
  • For me, digital literacy means …”

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I’m blessed to have been able to grow up with a generation who acquired digital literacies as we had computers in the classroom. #lida101


Agreed -having grown up with computers in the classroom makes a huge difference in having a frame of reference and foundation to build digital literacies for the future. At the same time, technology changes at an incredible pace. In your experience, are there new technologies that have evolved since leaving the classroom that required the acquisition of “new” digital literacies?


Yes cell phones but it’s more like how much rechy they are… Just the decisions you make like allowing things access to contacts because you just never know…


Digital literacy matters to me because in a world as technologically advanced as we are people need to be able to operate these devices properly. If used right we save our selves time and money.