LiDA102: 21st century learner

Share a reflection of this video. For example:

  • My parents did not need to …
  • A new literacy I acquired is the ability to …
  • Higher education students of the future will need to …
  • … is an important 21st century skill for future employment

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Higher education students will need to be fully, and completely digitally literate due to today’s rapidly changing culture and more digital learning online. Careers are demanding digital literacy as skills that are bottom line. Navigating online safely but quickly, through advanced search engines, knowing how to cite open resources accurately and how to organize references and digital citations are all an important aspect of what they will need to have as just baseline skills.

This digital age is very helpful for every learners. specially in this time of pandemic. Every stay at home and studying online through digital technology.

This digital learning is very interesting and challenging but very helpful. specially this time of pandemic. most people stay at home and doing the studies through digital technology.

Digetal literacy is important for 21st century. We all know about our present which is depend upon tecnology.Most of our works are not complete without using technology .So digital leteracy is important for higher education students and future employment so that it can be searched over time .

Everyone needs a 21st century literacy, knowledge and skills to keep up with trend. And also to immerse the skills and talent of everyone to digital literacy, so that they can easily engage in employability.

Higher education students in the future will need to be able to use both formal and digital learning to learn what they need to know.