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LiDA102: Future or Labor Markets

What do you think about the video you watched? Share your thoughts, for example:

  • Higher ed is valuable because …
  • In a digital age …
  • I am confident that …
  • I am concerned about …

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Higher education is valuable because give to us many opportunity for growing in career. Give as ability for knowledge and skills.
In a digital age change our digital literacy and make us able for a digital world.
I am confident that great progress can only be made with education.
I am concerned about sectors where there is a significant decline in literacy.

Higher education is valuable because it gives you an opportunity to pursue a career.
In digital age develop our ideas in innovative perpective ways.
I am confident that with a person who has the college degree, great future awaits them.
I am concerned that now a days that what will happen in the next 3 decades. The industries could no longer need a human laborer and the AI and robot could replace them eventually. #LiDA102

I am concerned about AI taking the jobs of millions of people in the near future, but am confident that new jobs will appear which only humans are able to do, I hope.

I am concerned about AI taking millions of people’s jobs in the next 2 to 3 decades, but I’m confident that solutions will arise that can create a place where humans and robots can work together. #lida102