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LiDA102: Philanthropy and corporate advertising

The OERu is a charitable organisation that provides open online courses for free, using open educational resources which any educational institution can adopt, modify and reuse. There are costs that need to be covered to sustain the OERu: for example, the assembly of open online courses, hosting of the server and software infrastructure, staff to coordinate and support the initiative. etc. The OERu does not generate any revenue from corporate services, by, for example, allowing advertising on the OERu course sites for a share of the advertising revenue. Moreover, the OERu does not sell or generate revenue from personal data learners provide by using these free learning services, therefore users are not the product of this service.

Join the discussion on philanthropy and corporate advertising. The key question is how can non-profit organisations sustain free educational services for those who can’t afford traditional education provision?

Consider the following issues:

  • As a learner, how would you feel if the course materials included corporate advertising? If advertising were to be supported, how would you feel if the OERu course sites required you to switch off any ad-blockers before gaining access to the course materials?
  • Is it appropriate for publicly funded institutions and charities working in education to generate revenue from corporate advertising to support and sustain free online services? What are the risks and opportunities?
  • Should education institutions and educational charities accept significant corporate sponsorship in return for profiling proprietary products?
  • The OERu has recommended that learners use free blogging services to share their learning outputs. Many of these services carry advertising. How do you feel about using these services – being the product rather than consumer? Would it be better for OERu to recommend that learners use a paid service without advertising? How would this impact on learners who do not have sufficient funds to afford maintaining a domain of their own?
  • Other?

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As a learner, its normal for the course materials that were included was corporate sponsored to support the financial needs of the course developer to sustain the quality of their works. Well I really admire the OERu course sites to turn-off the ads and to think they still manage to sustain their work in developing courses.
Appropriately, public funded institutions is fine, as long as they continue to develop courses that are for free. Charity works in Education is inspirable. They are giving their full effort, knowledge, skills and commitment to develop and share the what they have for free just for the sake of everyone’s education. Members of this charity works must sustain their ideology in giving and spreading a knowledge for free, somehow, I’m afraid that one day if they are all tired and quit?
Educational institutions and charities may accept some corporate sponsorship in return for the profiling the products, with this I think there’s nothing wrong with it, as long as the beneficiaries are the students, aside from the corporate product. From this, some Institutions would have a chance to develop a project and maintain a program that cannot be done because of lack for financial support.
Honestly speaking, the OERu recommended to use the free service that blew my mind. This organization understands the agony of everyone in terms of funds. They help you to develop your new ideas and knowledge for free. As long as the students able to accomplish the tasks, able to understand what are the organization is trying to show to the students and as long as they educated there’s nothing wrong to use a free services.
I would like to thank my professor for introduced this free course online to me. I now fully understand the sense of generosity giving free education for everyone. This, I will also share this to my students and spread the news that there’s still a Free service in this world. #lida102