LiDA102: Rights and responsibilities



Drawing on your knowledge and experience, please join the discussion on topical issues regarding rights and responsibilities for learning in a digital age at the tertiary level. You can discuss the topical issues listed below, or add new ones to the forum. In each case, justify your position taking opposing views into account.

Topical issues

  • Should higher education institutions have the right to determine what software applications learners should use for their studies?
  • Data generated by learners belongs to the learners, therefore should they have the right to access their data (for example forum discussion contributions) even after the course has completed?
  • Should higher education institutions reserve the right to ban disruptive learners from their learning platforms?
  • Where legally permissible, should learners have the right to access all course materials without the need to register a password?
  • Should higher education institutions have the right to limit the time required for completing a course?
  • Others?

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