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LiDA102: Technology and change

Join the discussion on the impact of digital technology on business:

  • Choose any business or work environment (for example, your current career or future career)
  • Think about examples of how digital technology has had an impact on your chosen business over the last 30 years.
  • State your business or work environment and share a practical example of how digital technology has influenced change in your chosen area:
  • Has the example contributed to a fundamental change in the way things were done, or is this a minor change?
  • Do you anticipate significant changes in your industry as a result of digital technology in the future? Provide an example.

Source Resource:

I’m a class instructor and a technical support at the same time in a university. The digital technology change my perspective in life since I was in high school. This technology open up my mind and evolved my ideas as a human being. Digitally inclined person has the awareness on how to use this technology and to manage them as well at the same time you may be able to teach the person who doesn’t know how to use it at all.
Since I was degree holder in Computer Science, I applied for a job that is more on technical aspect, somehow I’m abled to grasp the job easily because of my background. From this I got better each day and share some new ideas and techniques with my co-workers. Fundamentally, I would say that this change me a lot. I teach my class how to do this things, show some live demonstration and give some tips for do’s and dont’s. #lida102