LiDA102: What is e-literacy?



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Q: What is information literacy?
A: That is where I found my definition at, however I shall paraphrase in my own words. Information literacy is having the knowledge to figure out problems, how to successfully navigate online and figure out how to solve them, using digital means/technology.

Q: What is e-literacy?
A: The ability to use digital means to understand digital messages, and to efficiently prove this when needed.

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Q: What is ICT literacy?
A: Information and communication technology literacy. Digital skills: Creating, sharing, scanning, disseminating tools online for communication and information.

Q: What is media literacy?
A: The ability to find, use and evaluate and create media.

Q: What is new literacies?
A: While I couldn’t find a reliable source for this particular question, I’m going to surmise that it is the digital literacies that are arising out of the use of technology.