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LiDA103: Open Textbook Tweet Activity

This activity is based on #Open Textbook Tweet, a short publication containing microblog contributions from educators, administrators, and learners reflecting on the phenomenon of open education resources and open textbooks.

  • Download a copy of the book #Open Textbook Tweet, which is available under an open content license.
  • Scan the text reading selected “tweets” as you page through the text. Write down the entry numbers of those you particularly like.
  • From your shortlist of selected tweets, pick your favorite.
  • Re-publish your favourite tweet (retweet) by posting a verbatim copy as a discussion forum post. Include the corresponding entry number of the tweet from the book in your post, for example: 112: There is a great future for OER. We need to embrace the concept that education is a fundamental right for all. Alternatively, be creative and post your own “tweet”.

Source Resource:

#Open Textbook Tweet 8: Open is freedom—freely modifiable and available, not shackled by restrictive copyright.