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LiDA103: Welcome from David Wiley

Share your thoughts, ideas or insights based on David Wiley’s summary of OER by posting a comment on below, for example:

  • David thanks for …. , or
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David thank you for making this EOR available.
I am greatful for having opportunities to learn.
I suggess that if learning time will be g’ven more hours.

This topic gives a lots of opportunities to learn and re learn. Because it is all about EOR.

David thanks for your useful video . I learnt a new thing about OER from this video . Hopefully it will help all of here who is watching your video . I hope you will continue to help us in this way .

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David thanks for the OER that are free for the access and no charge.
Wow! I didn’t realize OER provide us the liberty of permission to access those resources that we need.
It would be better if OER would spread all over the world and some other organization would inspire with this vision.
When I was in college, I didn’t have any resources, thanks to friends, they let me shared their learning materials. #lida103

I liked learning about oer. OER. OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCE.

I am thinking on the information presented and the video now.