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List of 5 adjectives

here is my list of adjectives:
a pretty girl
a nice-maded computer
a lovely kid
a beautiful watch
:grinning: :grinning:

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A beautiful girl
A handsome boy
A pretty dress
A lovely flower

Beautiful girl,Handsome boy,Greedy dog,Happy birthday, Angry man(5 Adjective)

1)-Beautiful mother
2)-good smell
3)-A perfect father
4)-Wonderful brother
5)-Quiet pupil
addition :
Spectacular view
An evil person
Sweet as honey
Gloomy series
Attractive bride

A beautiful red Bag
Amazing Lady Belinda
Alvens is handsome
These are the strong men of the country.
An efficient computer
An adorable kid.

a fat pig
a long way
a strong man
Beautiful ladies
a short pencil

My list of 5 adjective:

  1. A dark room.
  2. The short kid.
  3. Many tiny cats.
  4. There are loud cars in my town.
  5. Pink is a nice color.

a remarkable lesson.
a pretty girl.
a favorite watch
excellent job
a generous women