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Live Session 1: Introduction to Python

In this video, Dr. Eric Sakk leads the first of ten sessions with Saylor Academy Python students, covering CS105’s Unit 1: Introduction to Python 3.

This video was recorded from a live session on February 3rd, 2021.

New sessions live each Wednesday at 09:30 EST, through April 7th!

Session dates:

  • Feb 03 - Unit 1: Introduction to Python 3
  • Feb 10 - Unit 2: Operators
  • Feb 17 - Unit 3: Input and Flow Control Statements
  • Feb 24 - Unit 4: Data Structures I – Lists and Strings
  • Mar 03 - Unit 5: Functions
  • Mar 10 - Unit 6: Basic Data Structures II – Tuples, Sets and Dictionaries
  • Mar 17 - Unit 7: File Handling
  • Mar 24 - Unit 8: Regular Expressions
  • Mar 31 - Unit 9: Exception Handling
  • Apr 07 - Unit 10: Object-Oriented Programming

FYI Jupyter is mentioned on Saylor in the unit 1.4 material for CS 105 Python (Assign Values to Variables) but I don’t see it in the video. Therefore, Jupyter notebook is kind of out of thin air. Also, in 1.6 String formatting, the %d %s %f are unclear (not well defined in the material) and not touched on in the live video. This is not critical … in the sense that I am fine with the course so far … but it would be nice if these were clarified.

Thank you. The next live video, on Unit 2 is tomorrow – if you’re in a position to have questions for that one, we are taking them live on the YouTube watch page, but I can also direct colleagues to check here.

I’ll pass along the feedback; it looks like the Jupyter references are just included from the source; I agree that the distinction between %d / %f / %s is not very clear.

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There is an error in “The Basics of Strings” (under section1.6) of the course work. The last example will result in a syntax error. Cause: 1st parentheses not closed.

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Thanks! I see it; we’ll get that fixed.

@Dr.ErikSakk how do you erase a code in unit 1. When I type the code wrongly in replit and try to erase it does not erase instead it does not allow me type anything after. How do I erase it.

I am not able to type anything. It shows the white bar.