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Live Sessions: Bitcoin for Everybody

Saylor Live Sessions: Bitcoin for Everybody

With course designer Stephan Livera

Session 1: Feb 24 5pm EST / Feb 25 9am AEDT
Session 2: Mar 10 5pm EST / Mar 11 9am AEDT
Session 3: Mar 24 5pm EST / Mar 25 9am AEDT
Session 4: April 7 5pm EST / April 8 9am AEDT
Session 5: April 21 5pm EST / April 22 9am AEDT

Tune in live on YouTube at

Hi Stephan,
You mentioned that bitcoin is transferable through time and space compared to fiats where they are good at being transfered through space but not easily through time, and commodities are easily transferable through time but not space.
Are we talking about VALUE being transferable or the actual currency? Over time value fluctuates and the currencies nowadays are purely numbers on an account. So a bit confused here.

Hi Federico, I’d say think of it as storing value across time, but for sending across space, think more literally. Moving gold across borders takes so much more time.