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Looking for BIO101 study buddy

Hii looking for a study partner? Hmu if anyone is interested :>


Hey, there! I’m interested how can I message you?

i am looking for a study partner


hi,looking for a study partner also

Same here


I am available,can carry on course with mutual help

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Hi. M here

I need what app group study

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I am looking for a partner or what group studying
[email protected]

Looking for a study buddy who can help me study better and keep me focused, as I get distracted VERY easily and often.
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Messenger: Melissa Kandace Duckett

anyone still looking for a study buddy for bio?



Hi looking for a study buddy too.

I can co-operate with you guys.

i would like to have a study partner so we can encourage and help each other

hi i’m looking for bio101 study partner care to email me on [email protected][ first letter of my email address is caps on]

Would like to have a study partner, so we can encourage and help each other. Thanks so much

Hey. Im pursuing the Courses of American Political Science and Information Security. It would be great if u would like to be my study partner for either of the courses. Please contact me : 0774235054 (Via Whatsapp Only)/ [email protected]

I need someone to help teach because sometimes I get bored
My number is 0773153163