Looking to talk with students, new & old, for a feature on our blog


If you follow our blog, you’ve seen our news about partnerships, college credit options, and the like. We’ve even profiled a few partners and folks working to make education affordable and ubiquitous for adult learners.

One thing that has been missing is you, our students.

I would love some volunteers who can help me change that, by sharing your stories on our blog.

Whether you are a brand-new student or a Saylor Academy veteran, let’s talk!

Send me a message here or email community@saylor.org if you are interested – we can work out the details from there.

If you’d rather not grace the pages of our blog, here are two other small actions that would mean a lot:

  • give us a short testimonial for our stories page (we also will share these on social media; you can be as anonymous as you like)
  • give us a shout out on the web – you can tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram




I am willing to participate. Earned an AS degree from Excelsior in 1992, wrapping up a B.S. degree at Excelsior with Saylor, CLEP, DSST, and correspondence courses from Ohio University. As a project manager late in my career, I see the need for more education. Independent study fits my schedule, often on the road. I wish these options were available in 1992. Appreciate the work you do.


Hi Bernie - Congratulations on wrapping up the Bachelor’s degree. Terrific to see someone taking advantage of the various low cost options. May I ask how many Saylor course you have or intend to use in the Excelsior degree?


Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Into to Business, and Intro to Management.
On the fence about Physiology, @Jeff_Davidson


Thank you @Nicole_P_littlestar0 and @bernieyeater! I will follow up an email.


Count me in


I never got an email


me too