Love, love, love the new cert designs!

Hi, loving the new designs, they are bringing back the old Saylor Academy certificate style. Getting some nostalgia hahaha!!! Makes it more authentic Saylor style. Good choice! :tada: :tada: :tada:

I guess you guys are still rolling out, not all my certs are changed yet. So this is fresh off the press! :grinning:


I agree that they are an improvement on the last style and seem to have finally overcome the issue of long course titles running over the page borders. They seem to be rolling out quite quickly; about half of my certificates have now changed.

I’m not sure that we are really moving back towards the original certificate style. Here are some thumbnails of the sequence of certificate designs:

This was the original Saylor hosted design

This was the first attempt on Accredible

Here’s the next Accredible version.

This one was introduced first for the conversion of certificates originally generated on the old platform.

This is the current design.

We’ve come a long way!


Wow! Saylor and/or Accredible have really surprised me this time by also releasing a separate design for the ‘meta’ certificates:


Yes, the meta design looks really awesome hahaha! Wow!

If you put the oldest one and the new one besides one another, there’s a clear similarity in style, especially compared to the old accredible certs. I mean, they just look more official and dignified, in a way. The ones in between look so… so… simple or something.

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Glad for this positive and enthusiastic feedback! A big shout-out goes to David, @natethompson, and Mike, who went through iterations of designs working with at least three different graphics editors to arrive at this [pen?]ultimate product [EDIT:] and Chanel, who got these installed in Accredible, per Nate’s note below…


I’m glad you like the new certificate designs! All of the cohort groups have received this certificate facelift now, so every certificate should have one of the new designs. Credit for that is due to Chanel!

There are actually a couple other variations on the theme, such as for certificates earned under proctored conditions and certificates earned in connection with a credit exam. So I’m hoping students will find those and enjoy them, too.

Also with this change, transcripts ought to be able now to link out to all the listed courses. There was some inconsistency before with maybe legacy courses not having their links.

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I’m amending my shout out above accordingly.

Any chance of seeing a sample of the other two certificate types?

We’ll have to get a blog post out about it and include good examples of all the types; all the templates I have at hand are already outdated, I believe.

At long last, a blog post…

Hmm, I think I can guess what the remaining ‘secret’ certificate might be!

I was interested to see the proctored certificate, I hadn’t considered that combination.

It looks like more of the ‘program’ certificates are rolling out. I received a certificate for ‘Core Psychology’ a couple of days ago. As I mentioned when the first pilot certificates were produced for the Customer Service Certification, adding links to the constituent course certificates as evidence would add to the usefulness. This is even more so with the Core Psychology Certificate as there is no indication in the description nor link to a Saylor page to tell the reader what it actually represents.

I’m guessing that it relates to the old Major program:

Yes, I believe that is the case. Thanks go to Chanel and to @natethompson for spending some time late this past week putting these programs into Accredible.

The low-hanging fruit – old programs already articulated – are rolling out first, but we will likely create new programs, too; those will take a bit of time.

Descriptions and links, et al., would certainly be good. At the very least, we will likely replace some landing pages that lay out the attainable meta-certs.

Interesting! Haven’t received anything yet for Eng Lit (if certificates also go to only the majors in themselves, I should get one), we’ll see. @Paul_Morris , maybe you can show us the psych cert, if it is not too much to ask.

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Here is a link to the certificate:

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Wow, looks nice! Also the text of the certificate is well chosen. Congratz!

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@seanconnor While I have been browsing through my lovely new certificates I noticed that the PSYCH302A certificate is now shown as PSYCH302. Now, to be honest, I never quite understood why it was 302A but is the change on the certificates a deliberate clean up or just an omission of one letter?

Sorry for such a trivial question but you know how I fret about details!

I did some digging through files…there was a never-developed course called “Lifespan Psychology”. Its description included the following:

Note that this course is an alternative to PSYCH302A, and that you may choose to take either PSYCH302A or PSYCH302B in order to learn about Lifespan Psychology. These courses cover the same material, but in a slightly different way.

I don’t know the rationale for the alternative, but it looks like the “B” variant may have been a bit more general in its approach to developmental psych, maybe something for a non-major or someone following a different psych track.

I guess it may have been a similar case to BIO101A & BIO101B which covered slightly different material while both being appropriate introductory courses. That then begs the question of why Saylor thought they needed to develop two very similar BIO101 courses while others never came to fruition. Still, it’s all old history now!

Yet part of the fun of history is endlessly litigating it!

At least part of the history behind the bio-bifurcation was that one was a fairly pure or vanilla version of course materials supplied by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) – materials now hosted on Google Drive and available via the portal page at

I don’t quite recall the rationale for that split, unless it was simply to keep an unadulterated version of the course beside one that we built around different materials our professor(s) liked. We did once have a page that listed all the SBCTC-derived courses as a collection, but that was abandoned (it wasn’t a distinction that we played up nor one that the community seemed particularly interested in).

We also once had a ‘B’ variant of ARTH101, but not of MA101…that became MA005 instead, to match the numbering scheme we used for a series from Algebra through Calculus, all based on SBCTC materials…some of which are now legacy courses. The epitaph on all this would surely be: “It made sense at the time.”

For the historical record, here are the courses that derive from SBCTC materials: