MA001 Activities Answer Key Errors - Log & Discuss



A textbook just isn’t a textbook unless there are some mistakes (I’m pretty sure that’s a law of nature).

Got a beef with one of the answers in the answer key? Log the problem and discuss it here.

For example, p 16 of the textbook, problem #32 (answers p 439). Wrong sign, wrong value!

MA001: College Algebra Unit 1 homework 0.3

Q17, p25, in the textbook (

There seems to be an error in the answer, p440.

Answer is “36” where it should be “31”.

Evaluate: k * 3^2 -(j+k) -5, where j = 4 and k = 5
5 * 3^2 -(4+5) -5
5*9 -(9) -5
45 -14


Thanks for flagging this. I second the math and agree with “31” for the answer.


Unit 5.5.3 - "Practice - Dimensional Analysis

The answer to #30 appears to be incorrect; rather than 1.42 lbs, the answer should be ~1.37 lbs.


Unit 2.6 - “Unit 2 Practice Test

The graph for #13 in the answer key shows the graphs of the lines on each side of the inequality rather than the graph of the inequality itself. The intersection of these graphs is at 4 and the graph of the inequality would be a dotted vertical line representing x > 4.



Can somebody explain how the solution for question #24 in the “0.3 Practice: Order of Operations” is 3? I keep ending up at 5.


I think you are correct and the book’s answer key is incorrect – I get 5 both by hand and by an expression solver.


In case anyone may have been confused, there are 2 typos in the practice for 1.5 (Formulas)

Answer to question 39 has a typo - variable is “s” but the answer key shows “5”

Answer to question 41 has a typo - answered variable is “a” but the key shows “x”

The answers are correct, just the variable or value names are incorrect


The video for unit 3.1.2 (Exponents - Properties) has an error at 4:17. Combining y factors is y to the 24 power not y to the 12 power (y^12 times y^12 equals y^24). Since the mistake is not caught in the video, the answer shown in the video is wrong. The correct answer is (16)(x^12)(y^16) not (16)(x^12)(y^4).


Thanks, confirmed. The narrator says “y to the 24th” but writes “y to the 12th” and then doesn’t catch the error.

16x12y16 is indeed the correct answer.

I’ll make a note in the YouTube comments and suggest a note in the course.


0.2 Practice: Fractions
Page 16, #32: The given answer, -19/20, is incorrect. The correct answer is 17/15.


2.5.4 Homework Assessment - Question 7. The answer key reads 300/13, but I think it should read 30/13. Can you confirm this?


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