MA001 College Algebra Coaching Session 1.1 number 15



Hi this is Sachin! I am a Student Success Coach and will be explaining some practice problems from the MA001 Algebra course. Today we will review an assigned problem from Unit 1. In the “Homework Assessment” you were asked to solve this problem:

We will use the “order of operations” principles to simplify this expression.
We will approach this problem as follows:

  1. Simplify the top.
  2. Simplify the bottom.
  3. Divide the top by the bottom
  4. Reduce the fraction.

Step 1: Simplify the top:

a) Simplify the absolute term as it is treated as parenthesis:
i) First simplify the exponent inside the absolute. image; therefore,
→ |7 + 4|
ii) Perform addition:
→ |7 + 4| = |11|
Therefore, the expression becomes
→ 2 + 4 |11|
b) Eliminate absolute value:
Absolute value of any number is positive; therefore,
→ 2+ 4 ∙ 11
c) Perform multiplication and then addition:
→ 2 + 44 = 46
Therefore, the top is 46

Step 2: Simplify the bottom:
4 ∙ 2 + 5 ∙ 3
a) Perform a multiplication from left to right:
→ 8 + 5 ∙ 3
b) Again perform multiplication from left to right, and then perform addition.
→ 8+ 15 = 23
Therefore, the bottom is 23.

Step 3: Divide the top by the bottom:
Simplified top is 46, and bottom is 23; therefore, the division is

Step 4: Reduce the fraction:

By using the order of operation, the solution for the given expression image is 2.

In addition to this, I am also attaching the pdf document of the practice problem for your ready reference.
Question 15.pdf (226.2 KB)

Please let me know if you have any question on this problem, or ‘Order of Operations’ generally. I will be here in the forum for the next hour.