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MA001 Practice Test Problems


Started with the MA001 as a prerequisite for an MA program later. Have a degree from 2001. B.A. Anyhow, after going through the pre-algebra section 1 and understanding with about 80% accuracy all of the practice work, the practice test is INSANE! Are there any suggestions how to get myself to the level the courses expect if they only teach to a basic level? They suggest hours, but what is realistic to expect to finish this course? Feeling defeated early on…not a quitter! Thanks!


I’m happy to let others weigh in with their experiences/suggestions, but you might try some drill via Khan Academy, focusing on the topics that presented the most difficulty (absolute value equations, simplifying expression, etc.) - (you don’t have to sign in to get the practice questions)

In some ways, pre-algebra is probably harder than algebra, in that it involves mastering a lot of “grammar” – but once that’s mastered, things that come later should be that much easier.


Thank you for the direction with this. -Kim


Is there a way I can get an answer as to how I would go about solving that problem without posting it in the group since its on the assessment? I can read and re-read all of the information and I’ve written this problem at least 15 times trying to accomplish the correct answer. I don’t even care about the score, I’d just love to understand how this problem is truly solved. In addition, if this is what you are going to test on I think I should have some better practice than the 2-5 options in the practice. This has so many pieces of PEMDAS it’s rather intimidating.


It’s okay to post it, if you want; mostly, we’re concerned with protecting final exam questions vs. quiz/practice questions.

For the most immediate help, you might like this:

It will simplify an expression but give a step-by-step breakdown of one way to do it.

If you want to post the question, I’d recommend a new topic. If you click the little gear icon in the composing window here, you’ll see a “hide details” option. That gives you this little bit of code:

[details=Summary]This text will be hidden[/details]

You can change Summary to anything you want, and the test inside the two sets of brackets is what you want to hide.

So, for example, if I type:

[details=Spoiler alert!]Dorothy was in Kansas the whole time...or _was she_?[/details]

What everyone will see is this (click anywhere to see the hidden text):

Spoiler alert!

Dorothy was in Kansas the whole time…or was she?