MA001 Unit 1 practice test question 4



The solution to the question as given in the answer key is image

Can someone provide a step by step solution to this problem? I keep ending up with nearly the same solution, but with 4 in front of the “b” and I can’t figure out how the correct answer doesn’t have it!



ab+m=7/4p [here 7/4p means (7/4)p = (7p)/4 NOT 7/(4p) ]

ab=7/4p-m [again 7/4p means (7/4)p = (7p)/4 NOT 7/(4p)]

b=1/a(7/4p-m) [again 7/4p means (7/4)p = (7p)/4 NOT 7/(4p)]



Explaining this sort of thing would be much easier with software that would either allow jpg files to be uploaded or that would otherwise allow standard mathematical notation to be used.

I think I just figured out how to upload jpg images.



Here’s another solution drawn out just in case it helps you. If you shared your work it would probably be pretty easy to diagnose the problem.



Thanks your work really helped me I was having trouble with this one as well