Management Information Systems - 2.2.1 Activity



"If you were running a small business with limited funds for information technology, would you consider using cloud computing? Find some web-based resources that support your decision. Explain your decision in at least two paragraphs. Hint: you can find materials about this decision by searching on the term “cloud computing for small business.”

Given the advancements in cloud computing technology, as well as the likely future improvements, I would consider, and likely implement, cloud computing. The advantages cloud computing brings as far as cost savings, and even the physical footprint of an organization outweigh some of the cons. Additionally, given the mobile nature of a workforce, with remote workers being a large part of a modern workforce, it allows a better flexibility for talent sourcing.

There is an additional security aspect to cloud computing that improves the cost benefit impact to small businesses. Simple things like having employees store information on a cloud server vs. a hard drive in the case of a laptop loss or theft provide a reduction to security risks and loss of valuable data.