Math 001: final


Can I take the final exam not for credit as a practice test before I take the exam with a proctor for credit? Thanks!


Yes, absolutely! What course are you taking?


College Algebra, Math 001 is the title I think.


Did you do well on the quizzes in the course? That should give you an indication if you are ready to take the practice non-credit final exam.


I did. I’m just getting done with Chapter 5 so I still have that test to take. Its taken me a couple months to do this class so I thought taking the non credit final as a pre-test would be a simple way to let me know if I should review more and what to review or if I’m ready to take the final.


Keep working through the material and the quizzes. Then take the practice final. You should know from those results if you are ready to take the credit final. Good luck and keep us posted!


Take note of Saylor’s rules on using the final exam as practice for the proctored exam. There is misinformation on various independent internet forms suggesting you can open multiple accounts to side step the two week delay rule. Because the primary purpose of the non proctored exam is to obtain a non proctored certificate, they have to protect the integrity of that certificate with the two week wait. The fact that it is also useful to study for the proctored exam is a secondary benefit. By the way, I am a fellow student. Good luck on your studies!


Thank you! I wondered about that.


Suggestion to Saylor, create a comprehensive practice exam suitable for either test from quiz questions.


Do you happen to recall the thread? I have a degreeforum account I can use to reply but have a hard time searching there.


I just re-read the comments. So, to clarify, I can take the non credit final as a practice and then do the final for credit immediately after or I would have to wait two weeks?

Thanks for the help!


Yes, that’s right – you do NOT have to wait two weeks between taking the non-credit final and the credit final.

There is a 7 day wait between any two consecutive attempts of the non-credit exam and a 14 day wait between any two consecutive attempts of the credit exam – but the two tests are separate on our system and won’t interfere with each other.