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Math final exam question?

Signed up for the RWM101: Foundations of Real World Math causes my math…well…issues. On the final exam, can I use a calculator? If so, does it have to a specific kind?

Sure, use what you need! Our standard certificate-granting exams (which is the only kind of exam that RMW101 has) are open-book/notes. Essentially, don’t just google answers (not that you would), but do use the tools that support you in successfully doing the math and working the problems! We want you to earn a certificate, sure, but more than that we want you to feel confident in your skills.

hey I’m new to saylor academy. i wanted to continue my education and learn some new things. this is awesome that this site offers free education and certificates etc. i currently enrolled in about 5 courses. i was wondering in the math course foundations of real world math is there a way too complete math problems online? also for other courses that I’m taking like introduction to sociology and interviewing skills and customer service and art appreciation and i might join algebra or an english course or computer science. do yall offer any support or help for assignments for courses on saylor academy? also does this education website offer accomodations for students with learning disabilities? any advice for how to complete assignments or study