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I was 57% through MATH001 and it seems all the material was wiped overnight. I now have no progress and the course setup is completely different. The course seems to be drastically reduced in size, each section required about 20-30 hours now the whole course is 30ish hours. What happened? I’m not going to declare it was a waste of time, but it seems a bit unfair to completely change the course.


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Additional Note, the old course actually felt like an accredited course in college with unit assessments and practice problems. The new course is super condensed with no opportunities to assess knowledge after each unit. All a user can do now is go to the openstax book and complete the section exercises. The new course just seems like a lazy copy/pasted summary of the openstax book with some youtube videos thrown in. An awful change in my opinion, especially for such a low level course, it requires the student to create their own assessments/ assignments to produce meaningful knowledge from practice.

whaaaaat? I was at 33%, working on this course. I appreciate the free content. But this is terrible advertising for the site. Especially for people like me who need structure

Yeah, the reason the course changed is because of ACE (American Council on Education) accreditation or something. The need for renewal of accreditation makes sense but the drastic change to course content and loss of progress is upsetting.

I honestly might look for a different resource for education after losing so many hours of work without notice.

I agree, I was over 60% done and now nothing. The new content is horrible as well compared to the other.

Absolutely. The previous content felt like a marathon- slow meaningful progress toward an education goal. The new content is lacking any kind of structure. It caters to an audiance who already have the prerequisite knowledge, and want to click through the course as fast as possible then take the final.

So glad I found this thread. This was the first course I have taken with Saylor Academy, and I couldn’t figure out what happened. I was about 30% finished then POOF - all the material changed and I was back to zero. I was refreshing my algebra knowledge to try and help a friend who is struggling. No good deed goes unpunished, I suppose. As you said, I don’t feel it was a waste of time, but I was definitely frustrated with the way the class was replaced with no notice. I don’t like the new course. I am debating whether I want to continue.

Send feedback via the contant form, maybe we can get the old course back. It would probably take a while, but I think it could help many people.

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