Mathematics specialization course?



Is it possible for Saylor to have a mini mathematics course that will combine a couple of mathematics modules? I’ve been going through the legacy courses for mathematics and i think it would be really awesome to have most of these math courses available for certification :grinning::smiley:…i think math as a specialization course would be great since its not a rigorously evolving field like computer science.


I like the idea but my impression is that this is not the direction Saylor are taking at the moment. It seems that the focus is increasingly on foundational potentially credit earning courses (see the recent announcement cutting quite a few computer courses that makes the CS curriculum unattainable for new students).

The legacy courses were dropped from support a couple of years ago because Saylor felt they didn’t have the resources to maintain the 300+ courses that they had previously offered. It seems unlikely that they will take them back into fully supported status any time soon.

It is unfortunate that these courses are no longer supported given the comparative rarity of maths courses online and particularly of any structured sequence of courses. However, as you have found, the maths legacy courses are still pretty much intact so remain useable for commited students albeit without any certification.