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Meta-certificates and what they stand for

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I have researched and found out what the English Literature Major Program meta-certificate stands for. It stands for a total of 22 courses, consistent of 12 courses from the Gen Ed program and the 10 courses of the Eng Lit core program. This is not equal to the old area of study curriculum, which consisted of a total of 39 courses, consisting of the Gen Ed program, (which might have been slightly different, or not, to me that’s partly irrelevant now) the Eng Lit core program, and a remainder of 39-22=17 extra courses, that were grouped under General Electives, which could basicly be any University course of choosing, all to add up to the famous knowledge equivalent that was pursued then, and is to my knowledge still offered in BUS and CS, but then with less or no General Electives, because their core programs consist of many more courses than for example the ENGL one. I seem to remember that the former BUS area of study curriculum even consisted of a total of 42 courses, but that asides. What should be done in my opinion to complete the task of issuing the meta-certificates (I know years have passed), is to

  • either re-value the Major program meta-certificates to include the General Electives (again, which could be any university course) , up to a total of around 40 courses, which would be proper, but might disappoint some students,
  • or issue a new, final range of meta-certificates under a new series name, to reward the aforementioned achievement.

Either way, without it, the reward section is just not complete, and don’t students just deserve it?
Btw, personally already very happy with my transcript, so no offense! I would love to hear Saylor’s take on this.

Ps. FR 001 and 002 were also part of the Gen Ed of the ENGL area of study, for what it’s worth.